Hello! From today, Bella is going to introduce

Korean culture to you every day!:-) 

(I working at a hotel! I listen to a lot of things and things to foreigners and help them!)

  Today topic is a korea hair salon!

  There are so many different hairstyles in Korea! You can make a style like a Korean celebrity! Various hair perm, hair dyeing!

Because there are so many
  Many foreigners want to go hair salons in korea!

  However, This korea salon episode is Myeongdong and Dongdaemun, where many foreigners visit!

 Stayed foreigners guest brought me a receipt one day and asked if it was really right price! So I saw three people who had been dyed ombre! and i saw receip Therere was a total of 2.7 million won ..
  They said that they did it at a really famous big chain hair shop, but he paid for 80-900,000 won per one person!!
  No matter how Big hair salon is, I was feel so weird and I called the salon and asked a representative. I asked salon manager if it was the right price, but he said how much would this make sense! that is discount price and they used a high-quality dye and high-quality protective agent to they get this price….So I checked to my close fried (woring at another hair salon)

  No matter how expensive the ombre dye is, 50-600,000 won is really the maximum, and the average is 20-300,000 won.

  Probably because they are foreigners, they may not be able to communicate properly! This is ridiculous for Koreans!

  If you would like to go a hair salon, please contact Me i can help you! Or be sure to check with the front desk staff before the procedure! Please check!
  Not all Korean hair salons are bad! In the tourist where there are many foreigners, there is a big risk of being cheated! Always prepare your want hair style with photos! Or ask a Korean friend around you or I’ll raise the average price at Moto Korea bella posting!

Please refer to this when you go a hair salon in Korea!
  And it is not recommended to go to a hair salon in Myeong-dong or Dongdaemun if possible! In the only where there are many foreigners, the demand is high, so the setting of the average price is high.

  So Would a local hair salon be cheaper?
  No. There is a reason a little bit why your not korean person!
  So if you really want to know to locals hair salon, I will recommend you ! First of all, I recommend you to go to the entrance of Hongdae if you have a cheap area in Seoul!

  And the TIP is if your hairdresser recommends a clinic haircare that why because your hair so had damage, don’t do it or ask for the cheapest one! No matter how expensive it is, it’s no different for you!

  And keep in mind that the wave hair almost done by Korean celebrities is probably the hair set by the celebrities hair designer ! 😆 
  And because different hairstyles are called in different hair shops, even if you know it’s a lovely perm, the hairdresser may not know what the style is like! So always save your photos on your phone and show them! 😉 
  And if you are can’t conversation well with your hairdresser and your language, you can call 1330, the free interpreter service for foreigners, and connect them in the language you need! Sometimes the translator can mistranslate and get something really different! Luckily, the 1330 is open 24 hours a day, so make sure you get the style you want! Only then will you be satisfied!
  I did ombre dyeing too! For those of you who don’t know what to dye ombre, I’ll also attach a photo together! (Photo is my hair ombre photo!)

  Next up, we’ll talk about Korean taxi culture.


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