Hello!  I am Bella to introduce the news of Korea to you! 😉 

Today, I would like to talk about the current situation on the economic issues between Korea and Japan that many Japanese and Koreans worry about! 😐 

First of all, I would like to briefly distinguish Koreans’ perspectives on Korea-Japan economic issues.

The Korean government and Korean public media say Japan provoked first

The Korean government is making a lot of efforts to consult with Japan when this problem occurs But It’s korea government saying that Japan is rejecting everything!Of course, some people are not interested or why this is happening now

Some don’t know the cause and many don’t even know who set the fire(Korea and Japan economy problem) first.

It’s korean opinion!(The meaning of Japanese behavior that Koreans see)

The first is Japan’s trick to control Korea’s economic power.Korea has been developing at an unprecedented pace in decades to catch up with Japanese technologyBeing a strong competitor with Japan, it is argued that the core of the bone must be controlled so that the Korean economy cannot develop quickly.  To do that, we have an economic war There is a claim that

second is As a matter of consultation with the comfort women, Japan has already apologized and reimbursed to Korea, but South Korea’s position is to acknowledge all historical sins that have never received a genuine apology and don’t need compensation is required.

In this situation, Koreans came up with a boycott of Japanese products and decided not to use Japanese products or Japanese company goods.  Of course, Korean do not go on a trip in japan.If korean go to Japan now, you will be treated as an betrayer, so no one can say that you are going to Japan.And if a travel agency certify cancellation of travel to Japan, discounts are given, or even though some of the most famous companies in Korea are Korean companies, they are often misunderstood by Japanese companies. 😡 

However, those who book in advance and can’t get a refund can’t do it, so they secretly travel to Japan and say it’s call Shy Japan!

How about Japanese people?

This is my very personal opinion!
As I mentioned before, I working Japanese brand hotels, so the foreigners in our hotel are 70% Japanese!  Since the economic crisis, Japanese guests haven’t decrease their stay at all!

So I was wondering that it was the opposite of Korea, so when I asked the Japanese people, They didn’t know now economy situation50%, or the rest of the customers were a little scared, but there were many people who came.

At present, the feelings of Korea and Japan have decreased more than the first time, but I think Koreans were more affected than Japanese people!

Koreans never hate Japanese people, they hate Japanese government. 😥 

I think Japan is going to be worse with Abe’s choice.

Korean never hate Japanese people, so if you are a Japanese person planning a trip to Korea, I would like to say that you do not have to worry about discrimination or worry in Korea!

Other foreigners can enjoy sightseeing in Korea without thinking that the image of Koreans would be cold due to the problems of the Korea-Japan economy!

You can check out Korean tourist information at any time with Motto Korea homepage!

Nowadays, there are many BTS concerts and idol concerts.

TIP!!You don’t have to stay at a hotel near the concert hall, and you can easily move to Seoul within an hour!


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