I’ am Bella to introduce you to Korea culture!:)

Today, I would like to guide you on how to use a taxi in Korea!
( I’ll start by talking about my experience working at my hotel.)

One day, the guest came to me and asked me how much is the right amount to pay from Dongdaemun in taxi!
I can’t talk my hotel name on this site! Simply introducing to you my hotel distance very close to Dongdaemun!!
so if they don’t use taxi it late at night, you can pay 4,000-5,000 won for Korean money.
But !! A Sooooooo bad taxi driver was I heard a ridiculous story that a Korean taxi driver had to pay a fare per person and received 10,000 won per person from Dongdaemun!

Then i asked them ,if they paid with cash or credit card in taxi!
Unfortunately, if you pay in cash, you will not be able to find what taxi you used because it does not leave a record! Instead, I called the Korea Tourism Organization and told me about it, and I was promised to strengthen the nighttime crackdown around the tourist attractions.

(TIP. If you pay to cash in a taxi, you can’t report it !because there are no records left!
so if you paid cash, you be careful won’t lose it or you can’t report it if the taxi driver is unkind! If you paid credit card, you can check it right away, so I’d recommend using a card in Korea as much as possible, and don’t worry if you don’t speak the korean! You can get enough help! Only if you pay by card!)

you never don’t forgot this!

In Korea, you never pay a taxi fare for one person. The basic fare is currently 3800 won and

the late night (from 12:00 noon to 4:00 am) is 4,600 won!

In Korea, the subway is very well developed, so I recommend using the subway if possible.
On average, the first train time in Korea is about 05:35 in the morning, and the last train is about 23:50! (Of course,there is a weekday / holiday have difference)

When you come to Korea and take the subway, it is so feel difficult! but not all taxi drivers are bad people, but if you are in a place where foreigners are crowded,i think not good choice using to taxi!
maybe taxi driver can go around many way to some of taxi driver and forcing for an extra fee.And there are also many cases where you do not run a taxi liter!

In Korea, taxi driver’s refusal to ride is strictly forbidden.

In Korea taxi, payments can only be made in Korean cash, credit cards (visa & master) and Kakao Pay, and China’s Alipay cannot be used.
Since your credit card is written VISA, it doesn’t mean that you can all use it abroad, so do you have to set it up so that it can be used before abroad.
And If you are going to take a taxi but taxi driver is refuse to ride, be sure to write down the taxi number and tell the interpreter or hotel front at 1334.

In Korea, taxi driver’s refusal to ride is strictly forbidden.

And when you take a taxi in Korea,if you want to talk destination to taxi driver , “HERE!” rather than saying, “I want to go here and here,!”, Taxi driver can understand this at once!

If they still don’t understand it, you can take a taxi without any further explanation just by showing a screenshot of the destination’s Korean language on the Internet!

In Korea these days, taxi drivers who charge exorbitant price to foreigners are more regulate and the korea tourism organization staff always come to the hotel to make sure there aren’t any bad cases, so always share this with the front desk! please contact to front desk staff and bad korea experience share it!

korea tourism organization staff always effort for foreigners to can give good korea experience until foreigner return to their country

Please look good because we are trying hard not to deteriorate the whole image of Korea because of some bad Koreans !!

(Korea Taxi Grey, Orange Color-Normal Taxi / Black Taxi -luxury Taxi)
Black taxis are expensive, and you can get good service instead!

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