Hello, I’m Bella to tell you about Korea relationship! 😛 

Today I want to introduce you to Korean men’s dating styles! 😎 

Once you watch a lot of Korean dramas or movies, you can receive a lot of images that Korean men are sooo sweet!

That kind of sweet image always cares about they girlfriend. Korean man think that they girlfriend always be number one.

Let you briefly talk about Korean love style!

(Of course, each person can be different) 😆 

Korean men will always contact you! When you wake up! When you go to work! In the middle of work! At lunch! And when we go home! And when you get home! And before going to sleep!

Do you think they do too much? How is it???

I think Korea couples almost always takes this action.
And when korea couples try to meet someone, “What time do meet?” ,”How long will be together? “ “Where to meet?” “How to contact bf or gf in the middle!”

Of course, if you’re just a same-sex friend, you can meet more easy,

but if you’re a heterosexual friend, you’ll almost never meet. 😈 

What if korea couple suddenly making a appointment without talking? It feels like someone with something to hide from the other person, and it can be the beginning of a fight, ‘Why don’t you talk?’

So my foreign friends said that when they see Korea couples, look like the baby is reporting to their mother. 😀 

In Korea, because the frequency of contact is the depth of his love, I think that more contact and more meetings are a measure of how much he loves me.

And do you know there are many have couples events in Korea? 😮

100 Days, 200 Days, 300 Days and 1 Year and each other’s Birthday! Even just a year, there are so many things to take care of!

And in Korea, the relationship between a man and a woman often feels like GAP and EUl (갑과을Vertical relationship. GAP is high position / EUL is low position), because a korea woman acts like GAP!

Korean men tend to care for their girlfriend as much as they can!


Korea man don’t want to fight! 😀 What I wrote above is a way of dating that almost all Koreans are behaving, but depending on the person a little different!

There are famous words from Korean lovers!

“OPPA! You has changed mind?”

And there are famous Korea funny story as that can’t escape

like Mobius strip 😈 

If you talk about this, all Koreans have a laugh code, This story is a fight breaks out between two lovers, and if the man says “I’m sorry,” the woman says “What’s sorry?” He saying “I’m sorry that you’re in a bad mood.” Or ” just I’m sorry I don’t know. “
First, if korea man say, “I’m sorry i made you’ve been feeling bad since then,” a Korean woman almost replies, “Noooo!! Not that reason!!! You’re really don’t know why i am upset to you. just talking to me sorry?.
Second, “I don’t know why you upset but .. just I’m sorry” and woman saying “I’m sorry???Noooo you don’t know what you’re sorry for?”
HAHA 😛 Obviously the two sentences are different, but the conclusion is the same. This is the band of Mobius in the Korean love fight.

All Koreans agree!

But in Korea, there are times when men change their minds. Rather than don’t like There are famous words from Korean lovers! “OPPA has changed mind?”, Korea man have been relationship for a long time now, so they at ease. At first they told and gave they girlfriend everything, but after They Passion like the first disappears! When passion disappears It usually starts from a year and a half! That’s why Gf talk a lot about “You’ve changed”, “You don’t feel love me anymore”, but that bf hasn’t changed!

He was originally like that! At first, it was burning like a flame, but now it is calming down. Korean women feel the temperature difference so sharp and sensitive!

Men who have gone through this process end up choosing a relationship that they can protect rather than a flame of love from the start. At that time, They aware that when They over 28 years old, They gradually learning they own way of dating.

Korean men are sooo sweet?

I think half is right and half is wrong.

Of course, even in Korea, people from different regions have different personalities, but Gyeongsang-do men are called Tsundere(츤데레) ,

but they It looks blunt at the front, but takes care of the woman from the back.
I think Foreigners feel more sweet to korea man because of Korean dating style!

However, my Japanese friend said that I wasn’t confident in relationship Korean guys because it was burdensome to contact me so much. 😉 

I have a French bf right now, so I can feel more the difference. But one of the things that Korean woman never fix is ​​’The frequency of contact is the depth of love.’ It’s so difficult change mind themself!
Korean woman are always thinking. If you don’t get in touch, “You don’t have time to go to the toilet and contact me?”
“You don’t think about me when you eat? You don’t love me??”
“I am only care about not contacting??? Why i am only care of this?? You don’t care???? You don’t love than me”
“my promise is always gold and absolutely must be kept”

Yes Korean women are sooo strong! hehe 😀 
Korea woman can’t hide my feelings at all from my boyfriend.

How think about Korea relationship?

Do you feel that Korean love is good?

Korea couples seems to care and love each other so much!

If you feel like, I would recommend a love with a Korean man!

If you feel a bit burdensome, we do not recommend! 😆 

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