Hi I’m Bella to introduce you travel information in Korea! 😎 

Today I want to introduce you to the Village where many Koreans go!

Really! I’d like to explain the village where Koreans go in real life !!

Do Koreans really visit Myeongdong, Hongdae, and Dongdaemun? Do you think so? 😯 

The answer to that not much going

(mean is NO)

In particular, Myeongdong has soooo many foreigners who work.
Prices are also overwhelmingly high…

So, when foreign friends come to Korea to play, anyway, many foreign friends want to go and there are shops to shop, so I think that’s when I go!

There are not many good restaurants in Myeong-dong. ..Koreans do not going… …
And don’t go to Dongdaemun because sooo many foreigner and korean just only going for wholesale store… sometime… korean don’t go well!
So let’s introduce the real Village where Koreans go!
(Ah! Hongdae is a village where many Korean friends are in their early 10s and 20s, and nowadays, foreign group tourists often rent a bus going there!)

1. Yeonnam-dong & Sangsu-dong
This is a near and really popular village

in Hongdae!

There are so many popular village these days, but they have first become popular from the very beginning.
It’s been a while since I became famous to Koreans, but there are so many restaurants, and every alley has unique and individuals decorated spaces.
There are not a lot of chain restaurants, but a lot of private restaurants.
Hapjeong & Sangsudong has a lot of small wine bars, and there are so many pretty places to have a party or birthday party for women!

sharosu-gil is a road that runs all the way to Seoul National University. It’s called sharosu-gil after Garosu-gil!
The price of Sharosu-gil is near the University of Seoul, Gwanak-gu, and the prices are affordable. There are so many restaurants, so there are so many places to go to the top 40 restaurants !! 

  1. 3.Ikseon-dong
    Ikseon-dong is located in Jong-ro and before the back was not a lot of development but it is a quiet village with a lyrical mood with a hanok. But now that remodeled it a little bit and you can feel more the lyrical mood hanok
    there are always have a lot of places to eat in line, and especially photo zones where you can take selfies while feeling the beauty of hanok! So many korean woman always changed they profile picture since they went to Iksun-dong 😆  

4.Euljiro 3-ga 4-ga area
Originally, Euljiro 3ga 4ga area is a place where there are many shops where you can find tools such as lighting shops and print shop.
But nowadays artists are crowded and making they place with Eujiro area, cafes and guesthouses, so it’s become hot place! 
Particularly, in the alley of Eulji-ro 3-ga, there is an old street cart bar street where office workers can finish and have a beer! There is an atmosphere where you can enjoy alcohol at a reasonable price at a reasonable snack! And nowadays, artists make a cafe using their personality and look like a old home on the 3rd floor of a shabby building, rather than a café. but you get inside you can feel so unique place and feel like lying down and relaxing! 😉  

Mangwon-dong is a village near Hongdae, and there are many Mangwon-dong markets, delicious tiramisu houses and bakeries.
And this place also has a name called Mangridan-gil like Sharosu-gil. Especially, there are many dating restaurants! The name is Dawn restaurant (ie, open at night and lightly turn off all the lights, only the candlelight) if you go dawn restaurant with your bf or gf i think you can have soooo good moment !, And Mangni-Dan-gil is very close to Han River.

There are many couples going to see the Han River by eat after! 😛  

*The place I wrote above is really going a place to Korean who the foreigners don’t know very well! *

On your next trip to Korea, why don’t you visit these neighborhoods and experience where real Koreans go? 😀  


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