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Let me introduce you to Korean manners&politeness this time again!

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#.Prepare for exchange students in Korea!

#. I am sure This post it will be very useful information for foreigners who have Korean boyfriend & girlfriend!


6. Do not suddenly open the refrigerator of your friend’s house

Think of it as a friend’s refrigerator or a friend’s bed or his or her family’s privacy, so you always have to ask, “Can I open the refrigerator?” First of all, you can ask it up and open! “ Never open the refrigerator first, then act and say, “You don’t have much to eat?” That’s the worst.

7. Don’t touch your friend’s stuff

No matter how close your friend is, you want to use a spare battery, for example. If you have a friend, you should ask, “I don’t have a battery. Can I use a spare battery?”
Please asking first!!!!Koreans regard the behavior of respecting the other person as big as possible!

8.When comforting a Korean friend

If a friend says he is stressed out, the foreign friend almost replies, “take a rest! You’ll feel better when you wake up!” What would it be if you told your Korean friend that? The answer to that may be to lose a friend.Because a friend who is stressed may think you are indifferent to his stress. If you are a Korean friend, I will call you for two or three hours, saying, “What??? Hey, let’s have a drink today” or “Hey, call to me right now” 😥  That’s the only way for Koreans to think they’re really comfortKoreans value the person who is with them right away when they are in trouble.

9. Don’t forget to say happy birthday on your friend birthday.

You just think ‘Isn’t birthday just a day of a year? ‘ But Do you know well Korea? It is so many take care of 100 days 200 days 300 days anniversary(relationship) in korea! It’s a country that cares about every little thing. But you forget your friend birthday? If boyfriend or girl friend did that, they be dead! 😈  Even a friend thinks ‘Ah, this friend don’t care of me and also don’t think friendly’
And korean thinking ‘How come there are birthday alarms these days, but don’t you give me a message ???’ They will feel sad because they think

10.Become friends with Koreans

In Korea, they talk to each other every day by send messaging and calling each other but they still thinking not enough!
Foreign couples don’t contact each other every day.i know But in Korea is not just a lover, but also friends like to contact every day!
Especially, Even among friends, “This happened today”, “Too furious”, “I went home” There’s so much to say.
Maybe Korean friend send a lot of messages to foreign friends so that You can feel really burdened!
And that’s what the foreigners How can they be in touch all day? Do not work?

Would you think so?

Hahaha korean person can multi-functional. And Koreans are honest.And it expresses everything.

*Just keep this in mind. They think If you are a real friend that Korean is a person who can open everything up to true friends and share everything.But the closer they are, the more korean want polite* 🙄 

<Don’t forget that it depends on the person in All situation!> 🙁 

In the next episode, I will explain about Korea’s manners in various types!

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