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Let me introduce you to Korean manners&politeness

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This post is useful for these people!

#.Prepare for exchange students in Korea!

#. I am sure This post it will be very useful information for foreigners who have Korean boyfriend & girlfriend!


1. In Korea, it is very rude to talk down from the first meeting.

Ex.Suddenly, some korean friend was introduced to you another korean friend. And You said in the beginning, “Hi, how are you feeling?“”annyeong gibun-eottae?”If you introduce yourself like this, the other Korean will surely think, ‘Ah .. I’m not good at Korean because I’m a foreigner.’ In Korea, when we use the honorific at first, and then agreed to each other, the talk down starts!So at first, you said, “Hi, hello, my name is blahblah nice to mee you” “annyeong nae ileum-eun ibnida mannaeseo bangawoyo” korean person love to say like that. 😆 

2. In Korea, if you have a just friend of the opposite sex, it is polite to don’t keep in touch when they start another relationship.

In Korea, They know everything between lovers and They have to share everything, and They often think, ‘Meet me(gf&bf) once more when You meet your friend’ 😈 If you don’t keep this and keep in touch with your friend every day. Your friend will start a fight with their girlfriend or boyfriend and you may lose a friend because of the fight.

3. It’s polite to meet your friends at the correct time and place!

If you’re a neighborhood friend and you know you’re friends since childhood then it’ okey don’t care. But If you’re just a foreign friend and a Korean friend, you suddenly say, “Can I go home now?”, “come out now!” Because Koreans make plans for a day, they don’t like to go wrong!

4. It’s very not polite to delay the appointment!
If your appointment is at 4 o’clock, you’ll almost arrive at 3: 50-55 or you’ll arrive at just 4 o’clock. It is polite to call in advance if you are late for an appointment!It doesn’t make sense that something happened and you couldn’t contact friend. Koreans don’t understand. 😳 

5. When going to a friend’s house, do not go empty hands!

If a friend moves or goes to your friend’s house for the first time, even if it’s a small thing, it’s a little polite to buy it at the grocery store! Even the best friend is the best to give the necessities that the other person wants! If you go empty-handed, there may be some friends who don’t care, but you should think that your friend is polite!

<Don’t forget that it depends on the person in All situation!> 🙁 

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