Hello! I’m Bella to introduce you to Korea culture!
Today, many people are curious and I will explain about the means of getting into Seoul from the confused Incheon Airport!
Incheon Airport is famous for being big and clean enough to be selected as the world’s No. 1 airport! i’m proud of being Korean!
Let me explain to you the most difficult part of foreigners always! First Let me introduce this! How to get to Seoul from Incheon Airport Incheon Airport is the same as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2!
There are four ways to go from Incheon International Airport to Seoul!

1. Airport Limousine Bus 2. Airport Railroad

3. Taxi 4. Hotel Pick-up Service

I’ll explain first method first!

1. Airport Limousine
There are a lot of airport limousine buses at Incheon Airport! All destinations are different, so be sure to visit the Information Center to check the exact limousine bus number! Next Then there’s another problem! Incheon Airport has so many gates that it’s really hard to know where the buses that you want to ride can take! (Please check the information center in advance!) 😛 
In that case, get out of any gate! And if you walk left or right, there is a ticket box selling airport limousine bus tickets! If you go there and your going to take the bus several times and ask where to go, ticketbox staff let you know!
And now you know the location! If you know bus stop and bus number, what’s next?
you need to pay!!! :mrgreen: Airport Limousine Bus

1. Purchase a ticket at the ticket box (You can only buy a ticket when you move from Incheon International Airport to another area!) 2. Cash direct payment (Korean money) 3. T-money card & Cashbee card )
There are three ways to can pay it! 🙂 

Sometimes !! a lot of foreigner are asking! Is it possible to use a credit card? It does not matter if it is a credit card that can be used as a post-paid transportation card in Korea! Unregistered overseas credit cards are not accepted on the bus and therefore cannot be used! 😐 
And How much is the airport limousine bus in Korean money? It is 15,000 won per person with Korean money!
If you only have a credit card, and you have no cash !! You go to the ticket box, can buy a ticket with a credit card! If you don’t want to use a credit card and want to buy a bus ticket with Korean money!

If you need a foreign exchange!
(There are many exchange offices in Incheon International Airport!)

And Where can you buy T-money & Cashbee card? You can buy it at any convenience store near you! If you have an old T-money & Cashbee card and you don’t know how much money you have, you can go to the nearest convenience store and check your balance !! 😉 
Ah! Never forget! In Korea, you always stand in a line when you wait for a bus or a subway! It is very rude to stand in an unauthorized(not pretty)line without standing in a line!

2.Airport Railroad (AREX)
There are two airport subways in Korea!
1.Express trains (trains running at high speed up to 50 minutes to Seoul!)
2.General trains (trains that stop at all stops)
The difference between the two trains is the price!
Express trains cost 9,000 won per person!
Regular trains vary depending on the destination, but think about 4-5,000 won!
Express trains have a seating area, but regular trains have a lot of passengers, so whether or not you can sit down depends on the time of day! Choose two things really well to choose from!
Express trains are available only when tickets are purchased separately. Regular trains are available with T-money & Cashbee and can be purchased with cash at the ticket machine!

If you look at these two, you can ask which of the two is the better choice!
I will answer like this !! 😎 
If you have a lot of luggage, take the limousine bus, and if you have relatively little luggage, I recommend the airport train! Because the airport train has to go to the station where you can take the airport train, for example, you have to go to Seoul station after taking the airport train and then transfer back to your destination from Seoul station! So if you have a lot of luggage, it’s too painful.
If you have a lot of luggage, you may find it less tiring to take the limousine bus from the beginning and go near your destination!

Next time, I’ll post about taxi and hotel airport pick up episode!

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