Hello! I am Bella to introduce you to Korea!
This time, Again I will explain the transportation method that enters Seoul from Incheon Airport.
Before that, I explained airport limousines and airport trains!
This time 3.Taxi 4.Hotel pick-up service
I’ll tell you about !!

When you go out gate the airport, it’s the same in every country, but suddenly taxi drivers will start to solicitation act !!
There are some good taxi driver who are really inexpensive, but there are some bad taxi drivers.
First Let me explain the fare of the private taxi operated by the hotel. The cost from the hotel to Incheon Airport is 80,000 won for a regular taxi (four-seater).
However! This is not a never low price!
Why tell i the expensive hotel taxi? If you have a traffic jam, any traffic accident, or anything that happened, hotel taxi already set it up price so you only pay fix price! So if you are not a hotel-only taxi, extra charges will be added when there is a traffic jam, traffic accident or any happen!

But I still not recommend a taxi! 😈 

I’d recommend a limousine bus or airport train, but if you still prefer taxis!

I would like to tell you to use Kakao Taxi in Korea if possible! You can also ask the information desk for taxi fare and ask for a Kakao Taxi.
Kakao Taxi can write articles and reviews using KakaoTalk, and the amount is also clear, so there is no risk of paying additional fees! It is the same concept as a grab app in a foreign country!
I only show you the fare for taxis, but if there is no traffic congestion, and included toll gate fees between 5-70,000 won for regular taxis (four-seater)!

Why is there such a big margin of error?

That why Sometimes you have to do a big event in Seoul, or if you have a big demo, you have to bypass the road!

Jumbo Taxi (8-seater) Jumbo taxis cost around 8-100,000 won and unfortunately are not available in Kakao Taxi. And You need to negotiate with the taxi drivers!

*Negotiation tip! I’ll show you the picture I captured and show you this and if it’s higher than this! Please tell taxi driver the price is different! And make sure you check included toll gate fees or not!

* The photo I captured is the amount set at Incheon Airport-> Seoul Station, so the price may vary depending on the actual distance you go!

4. Hotel pick up service

Korea does not offer pick-up service unless it is a deluxe hotel. It’s hard to make a reservation on the day and you can always book the hotel and email the hotel to the reservation center at that point to be informed about the pick-up service and compare it to when you took a taxi yourself!

Hotels under 4 stars don’t have a pick up service!

If you are a four-star hotel pick-up service, you will usually receive a round fee at a slightly lower price than a taxi, and the five-star varies from hotel to hotel. You should always check with the hotel in advance so there is no mistake !!
Korea hotel (Only hotels with pick-up service) always has a pick-up schedule ahead of time, so if you make a reservation two days in advance, you may have difficulties at the hotel.
This is because there is a possibility of duplicate bookings, which may prevent you from picking up your guests!

So far, we have explained 4 ways to enter Seoul from Incheon Airport!
I hope this helps you a lot!

Enjoy your trip to Korea! 😆 

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