Hello, I’m Bella introducing Korean culture to you!:)

Today, I will tell you how to meet Korean boyfriends and how foreigners meet Korean men! (Of course, it can be different for different people!)

1. When Korean women meet Korean men
Korea has a word called JAManchu and Inmanchu! Zamanchu is short for “natural encounter” and Inmanchu is short for “artificial encounter.”

“I’m clearly seeing a few percent like this! I can’t say!

Most of the time, Korea meets with the introduction of a close friend. 😉 
I think there are a lot of people who are looking for a friend who can introduce you to me with Trust and Belief. And especially in Korea, it is not easy to make a lover in other places because Because only going to the company and the own house

After that, Korean women often meet while working part-time! The most famous places franchise restaurant part-timer cafe part-time job movie part-time job is representative! If you are full of youthful young people meeting and working part-time all day long, you will have love that you didn’t have. (Of course, They meet a lot in college)

And when you get ready for a job in social life, you can make a meeting called study moim. Then you can meet people who meet the same goal and make a bond, and you can naturally become lovers in it!

And They often go to drink with they close friends and join some guy and become lovers. !! Too much work for my company! I went to drink that day, and I might have been in the bar!

And when you’re walking down the street and, there might be some guy who really asks you for a cellphone number!But that situation a little bit feel weird…

Korea have a lot of dating chat applications. Of course, I can’t say that not good idea, but if you meet in a chat app, normally Koreans will worry about it. I think The world is so dangerous these days that I never recommend it.

2.If a foreigner makes a Korean boyfriend

Firstly, If you come as an exchange student, you are more likely to make a Korean boyfriend.

The korea college itself has a lot of 1: 1 mentoring system with students and foreign exchange students, so if you get closer, you can be a lover!

And next you are likely to meet at a language exchange study group. In addition to English language exchanges, many people want to learn other languages ​​these days, so study groups in many languages ​​are active.

Many foreigners have no prejudice about dating chat applications, so they often meet Korean boyfriends in dating chat applications! But This does not mean that all foreigners trust and like chat applications! Since there is no place to make Korean friends, They started with pure intentions and met many good people inside and exchanged languages ​​with each other and they become lovers.

Of course there are many different cases! 😈

First of all, I’ve organized how to make a universal and familiar Korean boyfriend!
Maybe foreigners will be studying Korean language rather than dating and Koreans will be focusing on love rather than studying! 😀 

If you have any questions, please leave a mail or comment! 😎


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