Hello! This is Bella to introduce you Korean culture and Korea!

Today, I would like to write about what I have been asked by many foreign friends!

Once i make foreign friends, foreign friends are many interested in k-pop and know Korea more! There are a lot of foreigners who got to know Korea especially because of BTS!
my foreign friends say,

“Do you know this idols Bella?”

Bella, do you know this k-pop songs? ”


I’ve been asking a lot of questions, but … Honestly speaking, I’m older now .. I’m not the age to like idols. Actually, i look at their faces and i just know group name but i don’t know their members names! 🙄

I know the really famous BTS, but other idols are already very popular with teenagers and are more popular in foreign countries! Koreans in their late twenties they know a little bit their group names or almost don’t know! This is because teenagers are more interested in idols, but Since They started social life in they mid 20s, They so tired of social life rather than idols, so They don’t watch TV or just watch dramas!

Of course, if you are a couple, you often go to movies! Korean don’t know all the dramas because they only watch the dramas they like, so they don’t know all of them. However, foreigners come across Korean dramas by chance and are interested in them, and they are also interested in Korean and start to watch many dramas.
If you start watch all the dramas you will know better than Koreans!

BTS pop-up store in korea

For example! We had a lot of music festivals in Korea this time! I have a lot of idols I don’t know name and also don’t know face, but I think it’s a very popular idol!because so many fan soooo screaming for them
I won’t mention who Idol group I didn’t recognize,because fans are going to feel bad!
These days, I sometimes turn to the channel, and when I go to the channel, I see a lot of new idols but almost I don’t know. But Koreans don’t care so much.

In fact, In fact, if you show Koreans a photo of an idol member and ask them to name, they can fit them by their teens and mid-20s, but 20s after that they are likely to be confused or mismatched. 😳

So what kind of songs really do your Korean listen to?

In fact, Korean listen to a lot of songs that are meaningful to inside songs rather than idols. Regardless of age, IU and Paul Kim and Baek Ye-rin are very popular, and when the album is released, they’re always in the top 10.

The voice tone is so good and Have a deep meaning in the lyrics that Koreans prefer it.

Koreans prefer idol music from their teens to mid-20s, and almost like ballad music! (Of course, each person has their own personal taste, so those who love idols after ages will continue to love them!)

My hotel Frequent guest always love Lee Seung Gi, so she would like to share the schedule with lee seung gi. I don’t really understand the heart, but she feels happy and worth living because of Lee Seung Gi. good, so I try to look at it without prejudice!

So in conclusion, Koreans are honored to think that K-POP is an opportunity to get to know Korea better when it becomes really famous abroad.

Korean don’t know in detail which group is really popular.

Of course, there are a lot of famous korean dancer youtubers and many foreigner K-POP dance videos are uploaded, so Koreans are happy. 😎 


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