Hello! I am Bella! introducing Korean news to you!

There are a lot of foreign friends asking me to recommend a sweet and flutter love drama these days!

I will introduce dramas that are good for studying Korean relationship and taste sweet about Korean love! 😛 

1.”When the Camellia Blooms”
Drama Introduction: Waking up the prejudiced savage beast camellia, Choon-m fatale Hwang Yong-sik’s bombing romance “If you love it all!” a tight life blind love Romance surrounding them “Sounds like love”

This drama was a very popular drama lately! The cast is Gong Hyojin and Kang Hanul!

It’s hard to understand Korean using mostly dialect! It’s okay to watch because not all actors speak dialect! Still, you can feel Korean affection and human beauty, and you can also see the thrilling love of Kang Hanul and Gong Hyojin. So this drama was the most popular drama in Korea lately!

2. a hundred days’ worth of honor(2018.09)

About Drama: flawless Crown Prince suddenly become useless guy. unprecedented100 days of romance between Won Duk(suddenly amnesia) and Joseon’s oldest daughter, Hong Shim

This drama is set in the Joseon Dynasty and if you like EXO, it’s a drama you know!
Actor is EXO’s DO (Do Kyung-soo)! Do Kyung-soo is famous for acting so well!

This drama is a drama that is easy to watch even if you do not know the Joseon Dynasty!

3. Be Melodramatic(2019.08)
Drama Introduction: A comic drama about the thirty-year-old girlfriends

This drama was a lot of boom and the director who made a famous Korean movie participated in the production and it was a lot of popular! It’s not sweet from the beginning, but You can feel Korean friends’ culture and Korean love culture, and it’s easy to study Korean because there are many narrations! This drama speaks real life frank Korea drama and is recommended because it is the latest drama!

4.Ssam my Way (2017.05)

Drama Introduction: A drama about the youth romance of minor league the youth who want to go to ‘My Way’, even when the world is forcing minor life because of the specs that the world lacks.

It’s a frank and cute drama about the friendship and love of four friends. Really fun Korean humor too! The actor’s and actress’s lines became famous in Korea at the time of the drama! It’s a drama that really makes you feel excited! It’s a fun drama that keeps watching once you start and you can feel the difference between South Korea’s boyfriend and just friend(boy)!

5.Discovery of relationship(love) (2014.10)

Drama Intro: A drama about the love story of two men and women who come from ex-girl friend who reflects on his fault before a woman who has lost love with his former boyfriend and started a new love.

If you really want to know about Korean ex-girlfriend ex-boyfriend, it’s a must see drama! It was a drama that Koreans agreement with and sympathized with! Since Korea has many reunion couples, this drama really reflects reality! This drama you can feel express the emotional state between men and women very honestly and You can see the Korean love life. If you really want to know about Korean dating, this is the drama i want to recommend! Korean many couples crying a lot and A lot of drama captures still run around on social media, and If you ask Koreans to recommend a romance drama, this drama will be in the recommended position!

You won’t regret watching Korean dramas that I recommend to you! I personally received a lot of recommendations from my Korean friends! When I watched this drama myself, I felt so excited! 😀 
Next time, I’ll recommend a Korean drama that is really old but still remembered as a legend among Koreans! 😉 

If you want to know the Korean way of dating! I recommend you to watch all the dramas I recommend! If you finish watching this drama, you can feel like “Ah ~ Koreans love this way and treat ex lovers like this”! 😎 

I hope it will be of great help to you !!

Also It will be a good opportunity to learn the expressions used by Korean lovers !!

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