Hello! i am bella! 😛

I want to tell you the location of Top Secret good Korean Currency Exchange today! 😎 


And this is so natural, but I’ll say it again!
  Please don’t forget! You can pay only Korean money in Korea!This is Korea! It’s as if I’m going to the US and paying Korean money for it! I’m not saying! If you want to pay your country money, Isn’t it a very rude and not good looking image? If you want to doing that lol

  And because I work at a hotel, there are so many episodes! I don’t understand the most!! who exchange money at the hotel !!!, and it’s not my money but so…not good that.. i think It is waste of money!! ‘Why do you exchange money at the hotel? How much information do you have study before when you come to Korea ? ‘ (Maybe all hoteliers will think the same way)

  Do you know that? The hotel charges a lot of currency exchange fees! It’s a really expensive fee! If you exchange money, maybe 70% of the exchange fee will be charged to the traveler. (Hotel exchange fees vary for all hotels)

  Due to the high exchange fee, hoteliers will always notify you in advance before exchange. Currency exchange fee is high! But you’re just thinking, ‘How different would that be?’ And you’ll just request to exchange money.


 When that little money is collected! There is money to buy two Korean hot dogs on the street! 😡 

  And second I really never do not understand!
  Exchange at the airport !!

  The airport you pay the most exchange fee is higher than the hotel! No matter how urgent! Please don’t exchange all the money at the airport!
  I never recommend exchange to the airport!

  OK! Now I’ll tell you the secret exchange place that only the tourists who come to Korea travel frequently know! 😀 

  Look closely at the map and refer to it! I’ll attach a picture!

  Do you see the picture? Right in front of the exchange office is the Chinese Embassy!

This exchange alley is so famous that Koreans exchange money before they travel to other countries!

  I’ll explain how to get there! 😉 

  Go to Myeong-dong Station (Line 4)! Then come out to exit # 5! Came to the alley between CU Convenience Store and Idiya Coffee! And just only go straight! It is there.

It will still be a good choice no matter where you choose before choosing !! Because there is Myeongdong right next to it after currency exchange!  Wouldn’t it be great to eat and shopping right away?


okay! What should you do if this is the case? If you don’t have Korean money to buy transportation tickets for Seoul! Only exchange money at the airport to get a ticket! Do the rest at the place I told you! Really money exchange results can change your travel expenses!

  What if this is the case? If you need to exchange money after the business hours at the exchange office are over! (Dawn time)
  Then use the 7-Eleven convenience store in front of the Royal Hotel in the center of Myeongdong! Seven Eleven is open 24 hours! Currency exchange is possible 24 hours!

  But the best recommendation! Chinese Embassy near Exchange shop 🙂 

 If you can afford it! Among the many exchange offices, the country exchange rate may differ depending on the exchange shop. Compare it!
  For example, some exchange offices are more good rate to exchange Taiwan money! In some places, the euro can be more good rate to exchange!

  Ah! And for those who go by taxi! I will leave a Korean sentence! Show this sentence to the taxi driver!

  <명동 중국 대사관 앞 환전소로 가주세요!>

  I hope you have a great trip to Korea!

Then see you next time! 😉 

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