Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today! I want to tell you about Seoul that

only the real locals know! 😈 

I wish I could always give you good information!But I want to tell you this story today even if you are uncomfortable
Foreigners who like Korean drinking culture and entertainment culture may be dangerous place if they don’t know and approach it! I’ll give you some information as a warning!

You know! Korea is very safe everywhere!

That’s what they say!

A person is sitting in a cafe, and there’s a vacancy, and someone just leaves his cell phone on the table, and he disappears for a while.

Koreans in their heads said, “Huh? Do we have a table over there? Is he gonna get up soon? Going home? Can I sit down? with the thought of
Foreigner’s head said, “I want to get that cell phone.”

Koreans want a place and foreigners want things.
I think this is somewhat true! 😀 

But! There are areas where security is not good in Korea, of course!

Today i Speaking only in Seoul!

I can represent Daelim Station on line 2!

Daelim Station is home to more than 80 percent of ethnic Koreans in China.
Koreans have moved a lot since they were treated as crime zones.

Of course, there is a good thing here!
So, if you go here, you can eat delicious Chinese food and feel China indirectly!

But that’s only part of it
It is a very dangerous area because there are so many uncontrolled people, so many crimes, and many illegal aliens live in hiding!
So although the monthly rent in Seoul is so expensive, the monthly rent is very cheap because no one in this area wants to move!
There are cases where foreign students who do not know this want to enter this place. At night, there are high voices of drunken people and
Too often you move out right after experiencing a bad security situation

Do you see the picture above? Daelim Station and Guro-dong and Konkuk University Station which I mentioned, are famous for having many Chinese Koreans and many shops.

If you think about studying in Korea, I would not recommend this place!

And Sinrim Station is a bit cheaper in Seoul, where many Korean university students live!

But do you know a place called a Motel(MT) in Korea?

Motels are a lower level of accommodation than a hotel.

There are many motels in Sinrim Station. Which means there’s a lot of drunk people, there’s a lot of drunken couples.
The fact that there are many motels means there are many bars, and hidden cameras that have become a problem in Korea these days.
You have to risk being there.

Of course, there are many college students who live in Sinrim because of cheap prices,and they may not have any money.
If I have more, I can assure you that I don’t live there. 😥 

And Seoul Station

Seoul Station is a sacred place for homeless people in Korea.
Seoul Station is the main station in Korea, but there are so many homeless, especially at night, you can see a lot of strange stench and unwashed homeless people.
During the day, it is not so dangerous because of nearby mart and station workers and people using the station.

It’s a very dangerous place at night.

Always be careful of your bag if you go here.Of course, the homeless won’t have much access to you,but If you lose something here, the chances of finding it are zero percent.
If you had lost your bag, the items in it would have already been shared among the homeless and gone without a trace. 🙄 

Korea is a country with very good security.

I can tell that from any country I’ve been to.

But in any country, it’s better for travelers to pay attention at night.

And if you are studying abroad, when you get a studio or a house in Korea, you must get information from the area where you want to get a house from professors.

please listen and choose your house!

I’ve only talked about three representative places, but there are actually more.

This is my personal opinion
I hope you avoid places where there are many foreigners.

Because it is likely that the area where Korean police cannot control will be a crime scene. 😥 

It’s really good to go to the neighborhood that Koreans go.

I hope this information will help you!

See you next time!

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