Hi! I am Bella who introduces you to the news of Korea!

Today, I will tell you about the breakup of Korean lovers! 😀 

I watched YouTube a lot! And I heard many stories from my foreign friends! It seems to them that there is a difference from the Korea way of breakup way

I really wanted to tell you about this topic! Because you need to know this parting process so you can know the heart better when you listen to Korean songs! 😮 

If start a relationship in Korea,
You can have ownership of mine and I’m yours.!
And I always report my daily life to my lover! I don’t think I need to meet my friends anymore because my best friend becomes my boyfriend.
So many people stay away from their friends after suddenly having a sweetheart.!

Korea loves each other passionately, and when we break up, we often break up for ridiculous reasons.

And there are many cases in which we meet again after we break up.

(If foreign countries)
When their breakup comes..
They stop before looking at each other and arrange in a line that respects each other.

Korea really sees each other to the bottom, scratches and more scratches, so we have to check each other that it is really the end.

Then, Korean can we keep in touch with each other like friends after a breakup?
I’m telling you, it’s absolutely can not. 😡 

After Korea breaks up, the relationship becomes a relationship between who can’t talk to each other

but How can korean finish it with a single stroke?

We did everything before we broke up, and we were tired of each other, so if we contact each other, we won’t be able to show a good job.So we never say break up to easy.
Because I know, I can’t be friends like a foreign country unless I really want to meet again.
They don’t mind It’s not about being cool or not.

After parting, Korea cries a lot and drinks a lot. 😳

Now I’ll tell you from a woman’s point of view.

Because I am a Korean woman! 😀 

she’s really so sad.Because she feel like her best friend and boyfriend disappear at the same time.
So she went into a place called Nate pan, and she click on the sign ‘the day after I broke up’.
and she is check others think of how they breakup, or if there’s a chance that the man will come back to her,
and she do check your ex-boyfriend’s profile photo and status message every day.
and she think ‘How’s he doing?’ ‘Wouldn’t it be hard to break up with me?’
Every day, she write him a message, and she can’t erase it, she can’t send it, she cry, and she repeat this life.

If ex-boyfriend sees any signs of a little other woman, she’ll be very angry, call up his friends,
Look around him and his friends with tears, see if there’s a real another woman.

Isn’t it funny? 😆 

We call this the parting process.
mean is ‘we broke up but we couldn’t really break up’

In a state of real farewell, you do not cry like this, live your own life, and do not think about your ex-boyfriend.

You are crying like this in this process and
If your ex-boyfriend contacts you again,
she pretends to be casual, tells the other party not to make such a mistake again, and stupidly believes that we will not be separated again.
And Start over, break up for the same reason.

Korea says this to couples who have been separated and reunited.
‘Who brings the trash back home again.’ 😳 


In Korea, there is a 70 percent chance that a couple will get back together after breaking up and a 98 percent chance of breaking up again.
Really, only 3 percent of couples get married.
Reunited couples always break up for the same reason.

I think that because of this difficult parting process, Korean parting songs are loved by more people.
Will you be loved so much because of this sad process?

And i think The singer who sang that song would have gone through this sad parting process.

This is a personal story, but I’ve heard it recently and, I thought it was a song for a couple who really broke up.

Let me introduce a song called
It’s called Nilo-Jinaoda. The lyrics to this song are heartbreaking when the breakup couple listen to it.
I recommend you to listen to it one time!

Korea can never be friends after breaking up.
Koreans need to see the bottom before breaking up to end.

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