Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korean news to you!

Today, I will introduce you to good and bad travelers who I felt through the episodes I experienced while working at a hotel and the experience of a part-time job at an airport! 😆

What is a bad traveler? 👿 

I’m talking about a bad person who turns own country’s image all bad by one person.

1. Ask whether you can speak your own language in English (the universal language) or Korean (e.g., korean if you are in the korea)? Trying to communicate in your own language without trying to speak words like this. In other words, if you speak your own talking without asking first

2. A person who tries to travel all day relying solely on the people of Information Desk, with no prior examination or information of travel.

3. A person who does not know about the culture and manners of the country he or she does not know of being rude to people in a country he or she has traveled to.

4. A private-spirited traveler who talks loudly in public

5. The act of forcing a person in a country who is not good at English to use English

6. (In other countries, tipping is often given but Asian countries do not receive tip.) In such cases, it is polite to always say thank you, but rude to do nothing.

7. When you arrive at the hotel, you throw your passport at check-in, treat reception staff badly.

8. An traveler who does not exchange money for the travel country’s money, but acts to force the country to pay for itself.

9. Travelers who are drunk and have no memory of their room number and are lying in the lobby of the hotel and causing a nuisance.

10. Travelers who do not know the surroundings of the hotel they are staying in, ask the reception desk staff for maps and information throughout the day, and use the in-room telephone to harass the reception staff.

I think I can simply say that If you do this a bad traveler.
Since Korea is a country where courtesy is very important, especially because it often thinks the whole image of the country according to the other person’s actions!
I think it is the basic of travelers to polite in any country away from Korea.

Then what is a good traveler? 😛 

a person who makes the image of the whole country good by one person’s polite behavior.

1. I have studied and memorized basic greetings or requests from the country where I am going to travel.

2.they always check caution if there is any prohibited activity in the country to travel, as there may be behavior that may seem rude.

3. People who choose a hotel according to their schedule, and study the information around the hotel and the information from the hotel to the tourist destination in advance

4.If the information you have studied is wrong, take the information you have studied, ask only what you need, make sure your information is clear, and treat the reception staff with good manners.(If you bring your information directly, hotel staff can be more informative and provide other information.)

5.A kind person who always says thank you

6. If someone helped you, the person to thank you with a hand letter if it wasn’t for a small snack or a small gift from my country.

7.If you can’t speak your travel language, ask someone beforehand if you speak English.

8.If the other person is not good at English, he or she tries to talk by taking out a translator or a dictionary.

9.Travelers who enjoy only enough to control themselves and have fun drinking culture

10.Travelers who always plan their travel well and exchange money in advance so as not to damage others (Many foreigners do not exchange money in advance, giving taxi drivers and reception staff a very embarrassing happen.)

What do you think? It’s a very basic one! There are too many people who don’t keep it. 😈 

Among hoteliers, there is a country where they can say the nation’s ranking for with bad manners, but I won’t mention it! 😯

When I try to travel somewhere, I always try to be a good traveler! Because I can be an image of Korea!

I hope you feel the same way! 😎 

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