Hello, I’m Bella, who introduces you to Korea!

Today, I want to give helpful information to foreign friends who study Korean! 😎 

If you want to speak Korean well! What should you do?

Thanks to motto korea for the first time, I took the TOPIK test

When I took the topik test One of the exam questions had a question that put one sentence and guess how the feelings of the person who said it were.t would be hard to fit this problem without Korean culture and framework!It occurred to me!

It was a question that was published in 2018, and
The daughter have an important test at that time, but the family expected the daughter to help her family on the day the store opened, but the daughter didn’t help her with the store open work.
because daughter had an exam, and family thought that on the day the store opened, she would definitely help her mother with family work.
When daughter didn’t come, mother said, “What are you doing?” to daughter
It was a test question to choose the feelings when mother said that.

Since I’m Korean, I could answer without reading all of this.

However, foreigners could not know the culture of giving up their work unconditionally because it was family work, and if they did not know the detailed korea culture, it was a feel difficult.

you can understand what you mean only when you know Korean culture.

So what I want to say to you is.

I want to say that when you study a language in a country, you can’t just study a language only.

We should study language and culture together.

So, the first thing I recommend is that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend in study country. 😉 

Just friends and girlfriends and boyfriends are so different, you know that?

you language will get really study easy because you get into so many different situations with your boyfriend&girlfriend!

If it can’t well, I recommend watching the latest dramas in the country.

(And there is an exchangeable pen pal site called INTERPAL.)

I recommend making friends with that study country.

And if you watch the drama together, you can see that in this situation, people in this country act like this!

How about watching entertainment? 😆 

I think it is a little dangerous to watching on entertainment before language is mastered to some extent. 😐 

Because on entertainment shows, there are a lot of slang, not many good expressions to learn a language, and they are too fast talk.

It’s not good to watch and watch subtitles just for fun. 😥 

So what about listen songs? 😀 

Same with the song. Song lyrics often don’t have perfect sentences and grammar.

So if you start studying Korean with songs, I think it is dangerous because there are limited genres that you like.

Then, how about comic books or cartoons? 😛 

In Korea, comics have a strong image for children. It feels different from Japan. That’s why I don’t think it’s a good choice.

Cartoons use the terms children use to speak in Korean,if you learn by cartoon so when you speak it will look like a speak child.

Why do Koreans pretend to be cute when you see your tone?

korean will think 🙄 

The most recommended method is

After watching Korean dramas and receiving Korean drama scripts, the first thing do is learn the flow with subtitles.

And then you start looking at it without subtitles. And the sentences you hear may be wrong, so you’re looking at the script

It’s good to study again to see if what you understand is right.

And the reason why I want you to watch the latest drama is because you have to watch the latest drama so that you can learn about the culture and events of the country with the latest solutions.

And if you learn Korean by using pen pal site, not necessarily INTERPAL,

you can use the expressions from the drama and You can get dramas recommended by your Korean friends, or see if the expressions from the drama are used in real life.

You will be able to receive questions and answers so how good your study will be!

Korean is very difficult to pronounce, so it is very important to read along the lines while watching drama.

In Korea, many korean people don’t understand the pronunciation when it is slovenly or clumsy.

It will be very helpful to you, because the actors accurate pronounce sentences so that viewers can understand them!

I look forward to your wonderful Korean skills.

I hope this article will help you!

See you next time!

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