Hi! I am Bella who introducing Korean news to you!

Today, I want to explain to you How to overcome when you are sick with travel in Korea! 😛 

I’ll check only one before that You don’t have to tell me that everyone has to have copies of their passports all the time, right?never don’t forgot it

And there are many travelers who apply for travel insurance in advance!
But there are also so many people who actually don’t take advantage of traveler’s insurance!

Probabilistically,There are many travelers who come without traveler’s insurance.

But what I’m talking about today Whether you’re taking out traveler’s insurance or not, it’s the same way.

In Korea, you can get treatment at a small hospital, but in a small hospital, you will almost be denied treatment.
Because there are too many procedures to proceed in the hospital whether or not you are insured for travelers.
And languages also don’t understand, private hospitals often refuse.
I’d just recommend going straight to the university hospital.
If you go to the university hospital, you can just get general treatment 9am to 18pm, or you can use the emergency room after 18pm.

If you have to use the emergency room, you need someone to translate.
If you can speak English to some extent, of course there are many doctor who can speak English.
But if you are not an English-speaking country, if you write down the symptoms in Korean in advance, you will be able to proceed with hospital treatment more smoothly.

What you need to write down is: 😮 
1.When did the symptoms begin?

2.The last meal was when?
3. Do you have vomiting and fever?

4. Are you on an empty stomach or are you taking medicine separately?
5.Do you have diabetes or genetic disease?
6.Where’s the most painful place at the moment?
7.If you’re a woman, Are you pregnant? Or is it possible to get pregnant???
8.When is your last menstruation date?
(If you’re a man, can you skip seven or eight.)

You can get enough care if you just write down what I told you. And always have hotel phone number with you.
If you have any questions, you’d better asking them.

And if you go to the E.R., They want to know if you want a full body scan or just want to get rid of pain right now.

you have to choose whether to a close inspection or not.
I recommend that you get a prescription only for painkillers that can relieve your symptoms at the momentarily.
Because if you don’t have travel insurance in Korea, the cost of medical care is expensive if you are not Korean and especially if you don’t have travel insurance.
Because. I just need to relieve your symptoms.
I recommend going back to your country and treating you. That way, you will be able to travel comfortably.

The reason why most travelers are sick is because of

1.traveler’s diarrhea 2.enteritis

3. indigestion 4. have an upset stomach

When you come on a trip, you eat this and that all of a sudden, and your stomach often gets upset. You can take enough medicine from a Korean pharmacy! 😐 

When your symptoms do not ease even if you take the medicine, please go to the hospital and hope there will be no disruption to your travel schedule!
Oh! And they can never give you medicine at the hotel! You can’t ask the hotel staff for painkiller!
Because they not a pharmacist, and they can’t give medicine to customers because It’s against the law.

If you have an upset stomach when you have symptoms, you need to take a <가스활명수> at the convenience store and let your stomach rest from starvation for about one meal.

If you think that’s not enough, go to the pharmacy and show them

<급체 위장약좀 주세요> and the pharmacist will give you the medicine!

If you vomit or have diarrhea, show your pharmacist that you’ll be able to take a more accurate dose of the medicine if you show them to the pharmacist together <토-vomit> <설사-diarrhea>

And you know you have to get some sleep after taking your meds to get your body back on track, right?

you got better soon because you took the pills so immediately If you eat, the next day’s schedule will probably be messed up.

Since you came here with a happy heart! I hope you’ll enjoy travel!

I hope it helped you!


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