Hi! I am Bella who introduce Korean news to you!

Today you may have a wrong prejudice against Koreans, so I want to clear up one misunderstanding! 😎 

Many foreigners have a prejudice that Koreans seem to be good at English!

I can say for sure.

Not all Koreans speak English well. 😥 

Then you have question, right?

you think koreans have a lot of English certificates, and when I went on a trip, I asked them questions, so they answered in English and did well.

Do you wonder why I say this?? Why do Koreans speak English well but do not speak English?

Let me answer this question.

Koreans will try to answer questions in English as much as possible.
Because korean think it’s polite.

But i don’t think it is good.

And there is an English expression that Koreans are good at.
“Go straight,”turn left,”turn right”koreans so good at this. 😆 

But korean can’t expression in english anything else.

ex) It’s as if you ask Koreans, “How are you?” And they say, “I’m fine. thank and you? 😮 

It’s a habitual expression.

Why do Koreans have many English certificates?

That’s because you need a license to get a job.

they can’t really speak English, but I can only memorize grammar and memorize the correct answers.

They want to only get a license, so it’s hard to apply it to real life.

So the most popular academy in Korea is the English Conversation Academy.

Even office workers always go to study before or after work. 😥 

I had this episode when I worked at a hotel!

A foreigner came to me complaining,because
Koreans moved as described, She said three rounds to the airport and eventually got to the hotel hard

The Koreans all told her, “Go straight, turn right!” and ended up coming back to the same place! 😆 

I was so funny to hear that.

People in Korea seem to have a little less pride in Korean than in other countries.


If I go to a foreign country, even if I go to McDonald’s in the U.S., if I am not good at ordering in English,

The staff said, “Next.” 👿 

Come back after you have made all the preparations, because you cannot wait because the next people wait.

If this happened in Korea, the staff would obviously be very embarrassed and used nonsense English and was too kind to help them. 😥 

I think Koreans are too tailored to the other side,, Even in nearby China and Japan, even if they ask them questions in English, they answer in Japanese or Chinese.

There are often answers in their own language. I think that’s natural.

Koreans tend to bend too much to the other I think that is wrong.

I think Koreans should be proud enough of their Korean language.

Shouldn’t the other person give you a chance to learn Korean? 🙁 

There is a saying. If you come directly to Korea, it is difficult to actually increase your Korean language. Because Koreans try to talk to each other in English, foreigners cannot improve their Korean.

So they don’t have many chances to write Korean.

Is the misunderstanding now solved?. Koreans are not as good at English as you think. 😀 

But just know korean trying for you!

See you next time!


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