Hello! This is Bella who introduces Korean news! 😛 

Today, I want to tell you about the latest reading trend among Koreans!

I have experience studying abroad in Japan! Japan had a culture of standing up and reading books!

There is a big table in the bookstore near Korea and there are many places where you can sit for a while and read books.

The bestsellers, which are often mentioned as the most trending trend in Korea these days, are mostly

It’s a book that boosts your self-esteem. 😆 

they was born in Asia, and I learned group life from the textbook

‘Bright Life’

It also learned a group life etiquette and a group life environment.

Therefore, they teach people to think of group life more first than individualistic life.

So, Koreans are very awkward to live on individualism and are used to community life.

For this reason,
You should see a lot of others noticed., and try hard not to cause any harm to others wherever you go.

That’s why korean mentally stressed out.

Not because you want to do it yourself, but because you have learned it, it’s what you have to think about, it’s what you have to live with.

In Korea, there must be a disease called “hwa-byung” that only exists in Korea. “hwa-byung” mean is a typical mental illness that is found in people of Korean descent, that can make someone suddenly unable to suppress his/her emotions of anger, sadness, hurt, guilt or shame, etc for a shot…

And you know, Korea is the country with the highest depression and the highest suicide rate in the world.

So much so that in a society that is forced to prioritize happiness of the organization over individual well-being, can one protect one’s self-esteem?

So these days, there are many people who want to keep their self-esteem and live a more interesting life.

Celebrities confess to their mental illness on the air, and they realize that mental illness is a disease that anyone, can get. 😥 

After making it easy for the public, many people can go there a little bit more comfortably.

Still, many people who are still afraid to go to mental hospitals want to heal their minds with books.

These days, if you look at the bestsellers in Korea, more than five of the best-selling TOP 10 are books that enhance their self-esteem.

When korean self-esteem was too low, I got a lot of help reading books at the bookstore.

If you come to Korea, you will have easy access to books that protect they self-esteem.

And Koreans have many self-esteem lectures and meetings these days.

Koreans are trying hard to get out of this world. So many korean going to try 😮 

People who have stayed away from books are working hard to get back on tomorrow.

What books are popular in your countries these days? 🙂 

Are you trying to protect your self-esteem like Korea?

I am also very curious about your reading trend!!

See you next time!

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