Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I want to introduce to about the song korean women sing in karaoke after breakup! 😥 

Of course, I am also sympathize a lot with this writing because it’s a song that I sang with tears after parting!

1.IU-Ending Scene


(English subtitles) Source:FAlyrics

This song is a recent song, but the lyrics of the song are too sympathetic I saw a lot of Korean women crying in karaoke rooms.
Especially in the lyrics of this song.

“As much as you were lonely i really hope you meet someone who will love you
more than herself i’m sorry that she’s not me it’s not easy to give don’t say those words,pleas
you know those words hurt even more you say you’re gonna love me,what use is it?
you don’t know what kind of heart you gave me.”

This lyric is a heartbreaking story.Especially in the lyrics. ‘You said you’d love me’.This lyrics is
I can’t sing this song without crying.

2.Bolbbalgan4 – Hard To Love


(English subtitles) Source:LoveKpopSubs

This song is really…All the lyrics are synonymous.
Especially in the lyrics of this song.,

“Honestly i really hate rational things so we had to break up”

This lyrics really resonate with all the womens. Because men are rational and women are emotional.
when you say good-bye, a man can end rationally, and a woman can’t be reasonable.
It’s hard to accept a breakup because The woman is very emotional, but it’s too hard for her to try to change her reasoningly.
So when women sing this song, they sing in resentment, crying too resentfully for the rationality of the man who can cut off a sweetheart relationship.



(English subtitles) Source:qtmoonsubs

It’s hard to sing this song because it’s too high-pitched, but it can cool you down after it is sung.
The meaning of this song is that we already broke up, but the woman still can’t accept the breakup alone.
One of the lyrics to this song is,

“Will i be able to say goodbye to you someday?if only you can stop here without anyone knowing do i really fear breakup for the fear that it might be the last”

This song really makes women sad.
It’s a sad song that’s very hard to accept because if we stop alone, our breakup is complete.

4. Kim Na Young – To Be Honest


(English subtitles) Source:Kyeopta Min

The song is about a man accepting a breakup, but a woman frankly says it’s hard to accept a breakup.
She is It will be harder to accept breakup because meet everyday and contact each other everyday, right?

One of the lyrics to this song is,

“To be honest, i i can not break up i smile with a good grin i have no intention of sending my day without you i never thought of a day
you know me better than i do “

The lyrics are very sympathetic. Due to this song, the singer named Kim Na-young topped the Korean music chart.
That’s how much korean sympathized with the song.


5. Lyn-I loved you


(English subtitles) Source:Eric Lee

This song is really old, but it is still sung by many Korean women in karaoke rooms.
Especially, we loved so much, how can your heart change? It’s a song to talk about.
Women cry and sing this song all the time.
Especially in the lyrics of this song,

” Please don’t do that i still love you you also know that by me cailling you everynight crying
even l hear cold voice from you i can’t forget you like an idiot”

As you can see from the lyrics of this song, the woman still hasn’t agreed to part with him, but he’s already got a heart.
The way he treats her in a cold voice is a song that breaks her heart.

6.DIA-Break Up For Me


(English subtitles) Source:KpopMarTube OST

This song is so famous that it was released again in the drama. It is an old song, but good both the lyrics and the tone.
This song loved by Koreans.
And one of the lyrics to this song is,

“Come back here, where you’re supposed to be, but you’re right next to me, and if you come back and call me now,
I’ll run anywhere, and come back and our chance meeting is still a luxury to me.”

The songs I introduced to you today are all about women telling men to come back.
Next time, I will introduce the song that I sang after the breakup. It is very shame lol! 😀 
I sing these representative songs, but I have my own parting songs!
Sometimes they don’t really say goodbye, they just go to karaoke and sing these songs to relieve stress.

What do you think? Korean women’s parting songs are full of regrets, right?

Listen to these songs!!You can feel Korean women’s feelings after parting, even indirectly!

See you next time!

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