Hi! I am Bella who introduces you to Korean news!

Today is New Year’s Day, so let me introduce you to Korean drinking culture!

A lot of families get together When we get together after a long time, we can’t help but have a drink because we feel good!

Since Korea is a liquor-loving nation, there are drinks that go well with any food!

For example

Soju for samgyeopsal, beer for chicken,

makgeolli for kimchi pancake.

On rainy days, makgeolli / beer when you go to the Han River /

strong soju when you say goodbye

And for those who can’t eat soju!somek!(soju&beer)
And Do you know that soju&beer has a golden ratio?
It a little feel taste like soju, but mixing it naturally is very important!
The proportion is 20 percent soju and 80 percent beer. It’s just a percentage and it can be a little different when you mix it yourself!

And for those who can’t drink these days!
There are also many fruit-flavored soju! There’s also makgeolli, which tastes like fruit!
Can you feel that Koreans are trying to drink somehow?
In Korea, it is very rude to refuse the other person’s offer to drink!
That’s why there are many people who are forced to drink!

Do you know that in Korea In front of one’s elder you have to turn your back to the side and turn your head to hide your drinking ?

It is important to alcohol polite in Korea.

And it is rude to fill your own glass with alcohol with your own hands.
Did you know that in Korea, when we hold a memorial service, we drink alcohol to our ancestors, and we drink the liquor that we used to hold the ancestral rites ?
The alcohol is very strong, and children Don’t drink and just lip a glass. The rest of the drink is a sip of drinking all by adult.

In Korea, the drinking culture has developed so much that college students also have many alcohol games.
There are a lot of badly transformed drinking games these days,But the good thing about drinking when you get drunk, you can talk about your feelings.
Many men and women drink and courageously confess.

And In Korea, there are many cultures where people mix and drink alcohol. There’s also a good combination of alcohol and ice cream and soju to make it look like a cocktail!
If you make a Korean friend, if he or she likes drinking, you can experience everything!

When the whole family gathers on New Year’s Day or Chuseok, we can’t help but drink!
In Korea, we play card games such as go-stop and play games with alcohol.
their going to risk they life playing this game! And then there’s a lot of real fighting

Of course drinking too much can be really ugly.
So Koreans always check the other party’s drinking capacity.

So, always ask the other person how much alcohol they drink before drinking in Korea!
Because you drink to match your opponent’s drinking capacity! This is because you can enjoy drinking and break up!

And we can even have a drinking capacity competition !
Korea is childish, but depending on how well you drink, you sometimes act as if you were a higher person.
So he or she asked you how much you drink.they always think ‘ I’m stronger than you!!’
Isn’t it childish?
Alcohol is an inseparable culture for Koreans!
People who think they can’t even talk honest without drinking!
If you don’t drink, you don’t think you’re really friendly.
People who really like to drink don’t eat fruit soju or alcohol without mixing it.drinker pride is often hurt.

If you want to learn how to drink, why don’t you learn how to drink from your Korean friends?
Your drinking may change!

But you know that everything is best in moderation, right?

I look forward to your fun drinking culture!

See you next time

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