Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today! Starting tomorrow, we will celebrate New Year’s Day in Korea.I want to tell you about Korean New Year’s Day culture! 😆 

I’ll be honest with you! 😈 

Korea going to big house(Big house means daddy’s oldest house)! All of us gathered at my dad’s oldest brother’s house, played yutnori at home, held a memorial service, and meet family after a long time.
We talked and felt family love!


How about now?

Now, there are many people who just go on a family trip on New Year’s Day and Chuseok! Of course going overseas!

Nowadays, there aren’t so many families forcing sacrifices (of course, there are many still holding rituals).

On the contrary, let’s take a good rest when we rest! There are many people who ask their families to go on a trip when they can take a long break with the same feeling!

So, airplane tickets for the New Year’s Day are very expensive!

And if you go down to the provinces to meet your family, you can never go unless you book your tickets in advance!

So, when tickets are opened for New Year’s Day, the Internet becomes paralyzed and the ticket reservation war begins!!

People who fail ticket wars or just use cars use their own cars! usually it takes about 5 hours from Seoul to Busan.
but It can take up to 10 hours on New Year’s Day!!

However, people who want to talk with their families and make a small simple, rather than going abroad, go to their grandmother’s house.

We spend New Year’s Day talking with our family members after a long time eating grandmother’s food and rice cake soup!

But for those in their 20s and 30s, New Year’s Day and Chuseok are a bit tough. 😥 

Because relatives are bombard with storm questions about Their privacy! 👿 

In your early 20s, what university do you go to? How about your school life?’Get a question about
Entering her mid-20s, Relatives ask, ‘Are you well prepared for a job, are you having an interview, and what will you do after you get a job?’
Entering your late 20s, Relatives ask, ‘How’s your company going? When’s the wedding going on? Is there a man or woman you’re meeting?’
And, what kind of questions do you in 30s get?
‘When will the wedding be?Do you have any money saved? I will introduce you to someone for the purpose of your marriage. and blahblah
And what kind of questions do you in mid-30s?
‘When will you have a child? If you have a child soon, it is filial duty. How will you educate it if you give birth to a child?’and blahblah
There are always questions. 😳 

So I don’t really prefer to meet my relatives on New Year’s Day or Chuseok!
Because the question is endless! This is because I get so much stress!
I’m sure my relatives care about me and love about me! but i didn’t look so positive! 😀 
I think this is the culture called ‘Jeong’ in Korea!
Worrying about other people’s affairs like tomorrow! Especially because it’s my family, I think they worry more.

As far as I know, foreign countries don’t ask questions like this, right?
New Year’s Day in a foreign country have a good meal time with your family, eat appetizers, and tea time with yout family I heard you’re having a conversation you haven’t had!

In Korea, we can grill meat or eat meat. Or we can really eat health food together!
Ah! One of the things you know wrong is that Korea does not eat boshintang easily.
There are very few people who eat! I saw an article about eating dog soup on New Year’s Day!
We are not eating! Never!

Don’t get you wrong! It’s not an easy experience for us, either! 😐 

How about Korean culture is very different New Year’s Day? From tomorrow, South Korea began New Year’s Day! We eat rice cake soup!In Korea, eating tteokguk means you are one year older!lol


I will come back with some interesting news next time.

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