Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korean news to you!

Today, I want to introduce the pop artist that Koreans love! 😀 

Personally, I like Billie Eilish a lot! 😆 

I heard that Billie Eilish is going to perform in Korea in August this year!
I saw the article and thought I should write this content as an article.

1.Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a very popular singer in Korea nowadays! The song is all famous! In Korea, the song ‘bad guy’ became very famous.
A lot of songs came out from commercials and entertainment shows in Korea!
When the first song came out, Koreans were unfamiliar with Billie Eilish’s decadent voice.
Billie Eilish’s songs wasn’t famous! Because Korea likes a bit of funky song!

But these days, there’s no one who doesn’t know Billie Eilish!
Even if you don’t know the singer, if you play the song, everyone will say, “Aah!I know this song!!!’
Everyone’s gonna say it!

2.Ed Sheeran

I’m ashamed to mention it because it’s a very famous singer
In Korea, the famous song ‘thinking out loud’ and ‘shape of you’
There are so many Korean restaurants and bars!
And actor Bae Yong Jun danced the song “thinking out loud” at the wedding.
There were dancing with his wife at wedding party!
It’s hard to get a ticket when Ed Sheeran visits Korea! Ed Sheeran
Every song is loved by Koreans!

3.Anne Marie

korean love Anne Marie so much ! Think of it as a very conceptual singer! The song ‘2002’ is still representative.
She’s No. 1 on the pop charts in korea! Her performance was inevitably canceled due to the typhoon! Unfortunately for her, she the hotel she was staying in, rented a hall and held a free show. 😥 
The performance impressed Koreans very much.
Anne Marie could just go back to England, but Anne Marie tried very hard with the fans who waited for their performance.Many Korean fans love Anne Marie more.
Korean fans impressed with Anne Marie’s free performance Koreans fly paper airplanes for Anne Marie during the performance and sing all the songs together.
Anne Marie was moved to tears during the performance.
Anne Marie is the most beloved singer in Korea now.


Koreans watch Netflix a lot and love it!
So many korean watched the famous movie, “To All the boys I loved before” on Netflix.
Everyone started to love Lauv’s song! And also popular Lauv’s songs is “paris in the rain”.
Because the lyrics are so pretty and Koreans like songs that have meaning in them,
His songs are at the top of the pop song chart.
And because the song ‘Make it Right’ was released after collating with BTS, more Koreans were told.

5.Shawn mends

‘If i can’t have you’ in Korea, an exciting song is really popular.
Personally, I know all the songs because I like Shawn mends!
Because the song is a song that Shawn mends write Shawn mendsself, there is a lot of significance in the lyrics.
Because there are all kinds of exciting songs and sweet songs,Shawn mends succeeded in getting the shot on preference people in their 20s.

6.Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth is also very famous. Especially, Koreans almost know ‘attention’ and ‘one call away.’
I like Charlie Puth songs!because When I listen to a song, the melody is very good to listen to in a bar and Charlie Puth voice is sweet.
Therefore, both(Shawn mends&Charlie Puth) of them are popular with Koreans in their 20s.
All the songs were successful. I think they’re sexy, and they both write themself is a lot of significance in the lyrics.
Because they make it, each lyric deep means something.

7. Troye Sivan
He is a singer whom korean love very much. Korea really loves the Troye Sivan.
When Troye Sivan sang a song called ‘youth’ during his concert in Korea, all the fans Sang along
The video that Troye Sivan was so touched is still circulating on Facebook!
Although Troy Sivan is a famous singer through YouTube! It is very popular in Korea!Because you can see the process of how he became famous directly on Youtube
Troye Sivan as popular as Ariana Grande in korea! Overseas, Troye Sivan and Lauv song It is not as popular as I thought, but it is really popular in Korea!
So, This song has a high chart on the Korean pop song chart. Troye Sivan and Lauv to sing the song called“i’m So Tired…”
It was really popular in korea, but it wasn’t that popular in foreign countries!

8.Maroon 5 & Ariana Grande

I’m not going to mention that because they so famous that I don’t have to talk.
All the songs of Maroon 5 are really famous in Korea.
Ariana Grande is very famous, but the song “Thank you next” is especially loved in Korea.

9.bruno mars
Bruno Mars was famous for his song, but in Korea, he was especially famous for his song, “just way you are.”
The song was so popular, but with the song “Up town funk,” the Bruno mars’s really very famous.
The song was so exciting and lively that Koreans followed the dance and song of the song, dancing to it at many wedding venues, or dancing to it at performances.korean often listen to it for a change!

10.Dua lipa

She is a famous singer in Korea, especially song ‘kiss and make up’ in collaboration with BLACKPINK.
dua lipa became more famous through this song! and The song ‘new rules’ It was very interesting to Koreans. Isn’t it interesting that the rules after breaking up?
Because it’s the same thing that korean do, korean have empathy.
Her voice became popular in Korea recently with her sexy image!

There are other popular Christopher, honne, and Jessie J, but the criteria I wrote are As of these day, I wrote it as the most popular and well-known standard in Korea!
I hope you will bear with me carefully because this is my personal opinion!

i really wonder Is it also famous pop singer in foreign countries? 🙄 

See you next time!

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