Hi! I am Bella who introduce Korean news to you!

Today, I want to introduce about Korea’s international relationship!

Because now I’m actually in an international relationship ><

I think I can tell you the story really honestly!

The international relationship I am going to post today is mainly about the Western international relationship rather than the story of the Chinese and Japanese international couples.

These days, there are many international couples in Korea!

However, Korea still has a novelty and some fear about foreigners.

When you walk along the streets of Korea with your foreign boyfriend, everyone stares.

Foreigners don’t really care about other people’s eyes, but there are many elderly people who look to the point where foreigners can feel them, too.

And just talking in English on the Korean subway or bus can catch the eyes of many people.

As I said before, Koreans care very much about other people’s eyes and very much care about others.

So you can feel very uncomfortable when dating in Korea.

I also had some discomfort because of the way many people looked at me when I talked with my boyfriend on the subway.

The process of starting an international relationship in Korea is that most foreign boyfriend came to Korea as an exchange student,
Or we meet in Itaewon or while studying English as in my case.

Now I have a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend, so it takes a long time to meet him in person.

We communicate through video calls and messengers every day.

And many international couples often have the same worries,To help people with the same concerns so I have my international relationship blog.

Many people with the same worries come in contact to me.

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In the end, contact is almost the same problem, and we get to know each other and form a small network.

The biggest problem of international relationship is the time difference.

Because it is morning in Korea and Europe is nights, even if we contact each other, we send messengers during sleep.

international relationship there are many cases.

And the hard part is that we can’t come running right away when we really are in danger or need each other.

If you are a Korean boyfriend, you can see him when you want to see him right away or in time, but because foreign boyfriends are live in far away can’t come right away

For this reason, international couples often come to Korea or go to their boyfriend’s country.

In Korea, the culture of cohabitation has not become Does not experience much yet.

Perhaps the outcome of the conversation will be disastrous if the parents in Korea are told that their children live together with bf or gf.

So international couples who cannot live together easily in Korea get married quickly.
they don’t see each other for four seasons, but they just want to be together still the first time mind.
So the international couples who are getting married hurry and I saw many couples getting divorced.

International love is a very difficult Because share with a person’s personality and the culture in which he or she lives.

But if you love beyond it, it can be too deep for each other.

Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages of international relationship, so the advantage is to experience new culture and improve your language skills and we can have a new experience and the downside is that we always want to see but not see.

Many people in international relationships are still trying and agonizing a lot.

There are a lot of people who hesitate in front of break up each other because of something they can’t see when they want to see,and You can’t help but doubt it because you can’t see everyday life to your bf or gf.

So, even if I consult my Korean friends, they should always break up because of the long distance. They just advise me to meet Korean men.

In Korea, The frequency of contact says love to be around always and to always keep in touch
International relationships will suffer a lot because you thinking same in korea

But now I’m relationship well with my boyfriend after overcoming many conversations and concerns around him.

If there are international couples who are worried about international relationship, I hope you can look at my blog and get some help!

Thanks for reading my article to the end!

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