Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korean culture to you!

Today, I would like to introduce about the courier culture of Korea 🙂

I have lived in Japan and traveled to many places in Southeast Asia!
I experienced the courier culture of many countries but I think Korean courier culture is really Good overwhelming.

In Korea, it takes about 1 to 2 days for domestic delivery and 3 to 4 days for overseas delivery depending on destination.
You can track the courier at any time, and there’s never nothing missing.

My French boyfriend and we decided to exchange gifts with each other for the first time!
I arrived in France 4 days after I sent it to my boyfriend!
But My boyfriend’s courier took as long as 10 days! 🙁
And I was very worried that my boyfriend’s present I couldn’t find out where the courier was.

In Korea, we buy a lot of goods by direct overseas, so we use a lot of courier!
It says that it takes almost 7 to 15 days to get To receive a courier from abroad, but Koreans have a hard time waiting for their courier service. Because it is too slow.
If in Korea, we can get the delivery in almost 4 to 5 days!

Isn’t it amazing?
Koreans hate to wait, and they never understand the slow running of the system.

If the item is listed only as scheduled for courier and there is no news after half a day,
we always contact the seller immediately to see when the shipment will be couriered and when it will arrive upon departure.

Now is the New Year’s Day season, so when it comes to Korea’s national holiday season, courier arrive is delayed due to the high volume of delivery.
The original domestic delivery will arrive in one to two days, but it will take up to five days.
So, the post officer has to make sure notice that the courier is sent to the person who wants to send it. If post officer don’t talk notice.
There’s going to be a big one!

In Korea, when something happens, if you file a complaint with a service center, something really big happens, so it makes you tired.
If they don’t want to tired, they have to always give the other person a notice.

And you can send your courier at convenience stores, too! Even if you don’t have to go to the post office! near your house You can send courier at any convenience store!
And if you have a heavy one, you can apply for the post office courier to pick up service the items at your home!

And recently, CJ courier company has established a system for hiring senior citizens and is making a huge contribution to society!
From now on, there will be more couriers employing the elderly!

Because it is New Year’s Day only the products that we ordered in advance for a few days at the mall will be couriered en masse at this time, and after that, the courier will be delayed.
They always announces. they don’t have to tell you how scary things are going to happen if i don’t, okay?

Koreans think it is very important to be accurate and fast!
If you send a parcel in Korea, you will be surprised at its speed and accuracy again.

Korea can’t send goods secretly that it can never send instead!
The ones that might be a problem in advance are scanned and filtered out!
For example, you might want to send an iPhone secretly!their’ll find out Even if you don’t have to fill out the courier details

That’s because they’re so meticulous! Employees always check carefully because they are responsible for their work if not carefully examined!

If you are studying in korea or exchange students in Korea, you will be very surprised when you send souvenirs to your country!
I’m sure!
Try using Korean courier! You will be satisfied!

See you next time! Bye!

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