Hi! I am Bella who introduce Korean news to you!

Today, I want to introduce about Korean pet culture!I’m a little shame, but I think I should introduce to you.

I’m not just going to say good things because I’m going to be very realistic.

I have a very critical view of Korean pet laws.

Because in Korea, you can still buy a dog and a cat as if you are just shopping without going through the sale procedure.

If they don’t like it after the sale, there are many people who leave it on the street.

I am very critical of that.

I have a very positive view of German pet law, like adopting a person when selling a pet.
Approval is difficult because the procedure is very complicated and meticulous.

And they have a big shelter for dogs and cats on the street.

You can’t see hungry dogs and cats easily on the street anymore.

But you can see Korea hungry dogs and cats easily.

I have a cat in my house, and the cat in my house was abandoned and rescued on the street.

I really don’t understand who abandoned such a pretty cat.

When abandoned cats are adopted, procedures are complex and more thoroughly identifiable.
Because there are a lot of personal cat rescues and
Personal rescuer don’t want the cats to get hurt again.

Personal rescuer wants to be protected by cats within the confines of the small law.

In Korea, only dogs can register with the government and get a pet registration card, and cats can’t get one yet.
I don’t quite understand this either.

Because of this environment, people who own cats and dogs make their own laws to protect dogs and cats.
I also wanted to be a little helper, so I saw the civil complaint of the hungry cats today, and I volunteered to feed them.

When you see cats on the street hungry, scavenging around in the trash, causing damage to shopkeepers and keeping we feed them and protect them.before they get kicked out.

We’ll get feed and water from the house, give them to hungry cats, call the Cat Rescue Association, or we’ll get them to help them directly, and we’ll get them to adopt.

i’ve also been told that hungry cats are go through the garbage the trash around today,And i prepare own cat feed and water,I gave it to the cats.

In Korea, animal rights groups such as small groups created by individuals are still more active than government-run animal rights groups.

If you come to Korea, you can see the place where you adopt cats and dogs on display as if you are exhibiting dolls.

I think it’s a really not good unique culture.

My foreign friends also thought very strange when they saw the shops.

It’s a shameful culture in korea.

People who own cats and dogs are trying very hard to get rid of this environment and protesting against the government!

If you feel lonely in Korea and want to raise a dog or a cat, never adopt it from a pet store.

The cats and dogs in the sales shop are mostly sick, and they only look healthy on the surface.
They are never healthy
because they are forced to them force mate any dogs and any cats.

And if you see stray kittens or hungry cats, make sure to call the Animal Rescue Association and let them know.

If you lack Korean, please help your professor or friends who can speak Korean.

The reason why I write this is to explain the shameful pet store you see.

Koreans love their dogs and cats very much and we always so sorry to see An abandoned dogs and An abandoned cat on the streets on these cold days.

Please know that small social groups are working hard for An abandoned cats and An abandoned dogs .

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