Hello! I am Bella who will introduce Korean news to you!

Today, we will talk about the famous delivery of Korea!

Did you know that delivery is always available in Korea 24 hours a day?

And in Korea, one person food / Korean food / snack food /Cafe, dessert / Pork cutlet, raw fish, Japanese food / Chicken.
Pizza / Asian, Western style food / Chinese restaurant / Jokbal, Bossam / Night meal / Jjim, Tang / lunch box / Fast food

I can order franchises and so on!

Isn’t that great?

Lie still at home, click a button, and all the food will be delivered to my house!24 hours of that!

There are a total of three famous delivery applications in Korea!

Tribe of delivery! / yogiyo /baedal tong

The No. 1 delivery app is now the Tribe of delivery!.

The Tribe of delivery application of delivery is independent order have pick-up service from the one person order

Baemin Rider is a national motorcycle delivery service of Tribe of delivery independent delivery.

They pick up food and deliver themself to your home!

if you are sick?

If you are sick enough to can’t eat at home and have no appetite, you can lie on your bed and order some rice porridge.

Koreans eat rice porridge when they are sick! It’s very nutritious and digestible, so it’s great to eat when you don’t have an appetite.

Do you remember the posting of the overseas foods that are popular in Korea that I posted?

Maratang, Bun cha, Banh xeo. Everything can be delivered home!

Even if it is not Korean food, it can be delivered everywhere there are every famous restaurants these days!

But there is a separate delivery fee in Korea! And because the minimum order price is fixed! You have to match it to the disadvantage of being able to place an order!

That’s why it’s a one-person delivery category that’s developed so many people always order too much to meet the minimum order amount.Many people have given their opinions to the delivery application company so that they can order delivery for restaurants that can only order one serving!

Many people have commented to the delivery application company so they can pick out restaurants that can only order one serving and order delivery!

These days, there are many people who live alone, so the number of deliveries has increased more sharply since the single-person category was created!

Korea always provides the company with the opinions it wants and the company accepts the opinions and the service is created right away.

If you come to Korea, of course! It is fun to go to a restaurant to eat in person.

But Eating delivery at your hotel or lodging facility may be another remember to experience Korean culture!

Did you know that Korean chicken tastes completely different from other countries?

Maybe once you eat, you will keep thinking of Korean chicken!

So I recommend that you always buy beer before going to the hotel or lodging facility!

So no matter what food you order! It good match with beer.

Ah! And an amazing fact!

Do you know can order delivery at Hangang River in Korea?

How can they find out of so many people?

Amazingly, everyone can pick up their delivery!

You can decide where to meet the delivery man and eat all the food you ordered!

Chicken and beer eaten in the Han River are amazing!

Perhaps there are few places in Korea where delivery orders are not possible!

If you come to Korea next time, I will recommend you to use the delivery order!

See you next time!!

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