Hi! Today I am Bella who would like to introduce Something special Korean song to you!

Because my boyfriend and I are doing long distance, I have a lot of time to be alone and I listen to a lot of songs!

This is song to think of when i listen such song and think of boyfriend!

I want to introduce such a song to you! If you are in an international relationship, can you agree with my favorite Korean song?

Here! I will introduce you right away!

1.Brown Eyed Soul (Brown Eyed Soul) – Night and Day (Your Night, My Morning)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssGmDqp_-h8 (English subtitles) Source:YaraSan

As soon as I heard this song, I was so reminded of the situation between me and my boyfriend that I loved whenever I listened to it.
I still listen to it sometimes My boyfriend and I have a time difference of 8 hours, so when I am dinner, he is in the morning this song I thought it was for us.

Especially my favorite part of the lyrics
‘Your night is now my morning release be Joyful on my many days
I’ll always be in your heart as it is now that I passed my love’

I like this part best. Something reminded me of my boyfriend, like our story.I feel like I’m thinking about morning and night.

2.Paul Kim – ‘Me After You’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCrvAOTsc0E (English subtitles support)Source: Uaena Chaewon

This song mean is so happy to meet you. This song is a very famous couple song in Korea.
The reason why I sympathize with this song is because after I meet my boyfriend, I am really positive.
There have been many changes, and my personality and everything have changed a lot because of my boyfriend.
I am really happy to meet my boyfriend.

Especially my favorite part of the lyrics
‘After meeting you i was so happy,
I was able to love you so much because you embraced my youth and emature mind with a warm understating’

This song is so honest that I’m just talking about we relationship.
It sounds very good, especially when i am feel so sad my boyfriend always hugs me.I’m so grateful.

3.Park Hyo Shin – Gift

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNb_prHyIUs (English subtitles) Source: Pandakaeguri

This song i am has changed a lot since I met my boyfriend
my bf don’t want to be stressed, my bf don’t give to be stressed to me.
when we fight he try to brighten up the atmosphere by making a strange face or laughing.
I hated it so much at first, but now I think it’s the right thing to do.
So sometimes I think my boyfriend and my cat are really a gift to me.

Especially my favorite part of the lyrics

‘Today, the Sky seems like a gift someone left behind for me.
Under it’s warm Stronger than yesterday if you are like me,listen to this song now
close your eyes and when you open them once more,

it’s gonna be all right’

If you listen to this song, I’m sure you’ll more love your boyfriend and just feel better about the day.
I’m sure it will be a good song for you. It’s a day when everything can be a gift!

4. cheese – madeleine love

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKrdz7-Lfx8 (English subtitles) Source:Four dimensions

This song makes me really excited! It’s a song that I can’t wait to meet my boyfriend!
I actually heard this song before I met my boyfriend in a long time!
I was more excited and excited to meet you after a long time!

Especially my favorite part of the lyrics

‘I’ll see you later who knows what i’ll say.’
I’ll say the other’s nice let’s go out.i’m gonna make you smile today’

The song lyrics are so cute, right? I met my boyfriend after a long time and was excited.
I felt a lot while listening to this song! It’s been a while since I real saw my bf.
when i met him I thought about what to say first and how to make you laugh more♡!

5.Baek Yerin – ‘Square (2017)’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iFP_wd6QU8 (Song with English lyrics) Source:Yerin Baek

This song is a song sung by a Korean singer.I am this song
I’ve liked it a lot before it was officially released. The lyrics of this song are so cute and I want to talk with my boyfriend
If I introduce this song to my boyfriend I think he want to listen it.

‘Come on let’s go to bed we don’t rock the night away’
Who did that to you, babe if you’re not in the right mood to sleep now, then you’re gonna have to do it.
Come on,let’s drink and have very manageable day would you want me in vae
If you’re not in her right mood to sleep now.

Wouldn’t it feel so sweet if my boyfriend told me this?
It would be great if could tell my boyfriend like this, wouldn’t it? He said…kk

What do you think? Listen to the music list I introduced you! It’ll remind you of your love life!

When I want to see my boyfriend, I listen to these songs and I always feel more love for him.I think I can more stand a long-distance relationship!

I hope it will be a good song for you, too!

See you next time!

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