Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I will tell you how obsessed and dependent Koreans are with the saju and tarot cards culture!

Did you know that Korean do Saju (tell sb’s fortune) before they get married??

If the result of the Saju (tell sb’s fortune) is really bad, even the best They could break up.

Koreans just say they don’t believe in saju, but they actually depend on it a lot!

And students of middle and high school go to see so many tarot cards!

The famous places (tarot card) are Sungshin Women’s University, Konkuk University entrance, Myeong-dong, and Hongdae!

You can start with a basic 5,000 won and get counseling depending on your relationship, study, and future!

Studying is something that many middle and high school students see! Because they just relying on points to figure out which college they can go to.they wants to get results!

And the future wants to know in advance how my next year will be spent, so they want to know ‘I should not do this at next year this time’ and you ‘next year should be careful about this’ or ‘tell fortune in advance so they think you can be safe’!

Relationship is It’s about whether you’re a good match for the person you’re dating right now,That we can get along well for a long time,
We want to know if there can be overcoming!
we want to know in advance if they can get over it!

And even tarot cards, not saju, rely on results so much, and
they just say they don’t believe tarot cards,and saju, but in their heart, Because it affects so much, there are people who get stressed out a lot and break up if the results are bad!🙁

Saju is really famous to see in Korea.
Rather than just looking at the saju on the street, you’d better find a really famous place and have to book in advance.
There are really famous people in each area. It’s on TV, so I recommend you search it once!
But I can’t introduce you some shaman! Because I can’t be 100% sure!

Saju starts with a basic 50,000 won. The most famous place starts at 100,000 won!
And you need your name, your Chinese character, your birth date, and your time of birth.
You can’t get a proper saju result if you change one thing or get it wrong.

A few days ago, my friend was so frustrated with her life that she went to a really famous saju.
she asked shaman about her saju, and she was so horrified because shaman was find to her past and so many things.
Even if she didn’t talk to the shaman,shaman had confidence in getting everything talk right.

So I also say ‘noooo I don’t believe it’ but I’m so curious
I want to go and ask my story to the shaman!

Koreans want to see saju before they start their business and see if their business will work or not.
There are people who depend so much on saju that they are tricked into losing all their money at home by a shaman swindler.

Anything is the moderately is best, but you can’t moderately all about your life.

Because it is very cheap and easy to see, Koreans tend to see a lot and depend on a lot!

If you don’t rely so much and see your tarot cards or saju just for fun
I’ll recommend to you!

Even these days, you can easily see tarot cards or saju through the Internet or applications!

But it’s not free! Can you guess how much Koreans depend on saju or tarot cards?

Sometimes, it is very popular when the site opens that we can see Saju next year for free!

I think it will be a really fun experience if you see at any kind of saju or tarot card!

But I have a tip before you go!

Never show your expression, Even if shaman say it right your life!

You just have to stay calm! That way, it doesn’t change how you behaves according to your reaction!

This is because there are many swindlers who use them because they know that Koreans see lots of saju or tarot cards!

I hope you have a fun Korean experience!

See you next time!

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