Hi! I am Bella who Introducing you about Korea!

I wanted to tell you have to wear a mask in Korea today!

I have been in the cold for a long time since the influenza A, so I have so bad immunity and have a cold!

So I always wear a mask when I go out in case of a situation.

But now, many Koreans don’t know the seriousness and don’t wear masks.

However, there are so many people that waiting time is 2 hours in otolaryngology and Internal Medicine.

There are a lot of people who are sick now because type A and type B flu are in vogue.

First, let me tell you about the difference between type A flu and type B flu.

Type A flu is a virus that is so varied in form, difficult to treat, and life-threatening.
Type A flu is a flu virus that can catch not only humans but also animals.
It is accompanied by a sudden fever of more than 38 degrees and sore throat, and can cause complications with pneumonia in older and younger people.
Type A influenza is in vogue from December to January, has a incubation period of 1 to 3 days.

Unlike type A, type B flu is a human flu virus. And even if you’re infected,
Unlike the type-A flu, treatment is relatively easy. It’s just a virus that
It is accompanied by a high fever, runny nose, cough, severe chills and muscle aches.

But as I said above, you said that type-A and type-B flu come with a high fever, right?
But there are also flu that doesn’t have a fever.
I’ve experienced this myself. I thought my body aches too much and my headache is so bad that I think it’s a cold.
It turned out to be type-A flu.
Plus, if you have a flu that doesn’t have a fever, the symptoms are similar to cold, and you don’t often notice them.
Because of this, the treatment time can be further delayed. If the following symptoms are present even if the fever does not occur:
You must visit the hospital to be screened!
1.frequent headaches and muscle aches 2.symptoms of respiratory illness after pain (even after headaches are completely healed), if you cough frequently, if you have runny nose, and if you have severe phlegm,You should also suspect a feverish flu symptom.The flu is generally said to develop respiratory symptoms after a short period of time.
If the cough does not stop for a week or if the chest pain is severe due to it, be sure to get an accurate diagnosis.3.Lighter fever than symptoms

If you’re having a sick, make sure to take a flu test even if you don’t have a fever!!

So, what is the difference between influenza and cold?

Influenza symptoms include sudden high fever, frequent coughs, and chest pains.
It occurs relatively rarely with nasal mucus, nasal congestion, fatigue and debilitation for a long time.
It’s accompanied by muscle pain.

Colds are slowly beginning to manifest.
sneeze, nasal congestion, run at the nose, and sore throat are common and only in severe cases with high fever.

If you have type-A flu, it’s better to keep it separate from your home animal, and if you can’t isolate it, you’re have to wearing a mask at home.I recommend that.
Type B is okay because it’s a flu that only affects humans.
But don’t forget that both A and B flu cases should be quarantined for about five days and take a rest at home.

Let me explain how to prevent type A and B flu.

1.Wash your hands frequently and observe personal hygiene thoroughly.

2.Wear a mask if experiencing fever and respiratory symptoms

3.Avoid places where there are as many people as possible.

4.If you have any suspected flu symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

5.Senior citizens and other high-risk groups are vaccinated against pneumonia.

6.Sufficient nutrition and water

7.It’s important to develop immunity by exercising.

There are many confirmed cases of coronavirus, but more people are sick from the flu.

I hope you are very careful because there are so many people who don’t know if you have the flu or not these days.

Foreigners are advised to be more careful because when they get sick, they are more complicated to treat them in Korea!

The flu never gets better if you don’t take a medicine called Tamiflu.Koreans can get medicine relatively cheaply because they are covered by insurance.

Foreigners can be expensive because they are not covered by insurance.And it’s so sad when you feel sick, you are alone in a foreign country.

The next posting will tell you about the current Korona virus in Korea.

See you next time!

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