Hi! I am Bella who introduces you to Korean news!

I posted a little about my Korean boyfriend before. Do you remember?

This time, I want to tell you by my standards about the attitude of dealing with international relationship in earnest!

Please note that this is Bella ver.

How do Korean male friends behave if their Korean girlfriend is sick?

It’s as if the world is falling. Indeed, from the pharmacy to the hospital, if I have a close examination, bf want to know when the test results are always coming.
If you have to get a ringgel you are so sick, must bf come to the hospital.
bf buy rice porridge and come home or’ I care about you and I’m sick because you’re sick’ Feel like

But what about my foreign boyfriend?

At first, “Rest a lot! Rest will be fine!” And finally, Bella was upset and said, “why you don’t asking to me?if i have been to the hospital and if i taken medicine?”i said to him ‘Always check it out’. but he said “In Europe, it’s generally not going to hospitals and pharmacy”
Bella wasn’t European, so she wanted to feel like she was being taken care of by her boyfriend.So now my Boyfriend just make that comment like a robot lol
But today was my flu test, but my boyfriend wasn’t curious about my flu test results.
So now Bella says cute she needs a boyfriend’s attention

But I don’t think this is a cultural difference. Think of it as a human personality difference.

There are so many men in Europe who take care of gf more than Korean boyfriend.

Of course it’s true that Europeans and Westerners don’t really take hospitals or medicine easily.
But he can’t do anything, to take care of you?i think he can do.

When I’m really dealing with my boyfriend these days, I’m trying to see him the way he is, excluding cultural differences.

Looking at the cultural differences first, I felt like I couldn’t see the person properly.

So, international couples really need to talk a lot. So we can solve each other’s little misunderstanding and then understand the person.

Isn’t it more convenient to just have a Korean boyfriend? I get a lot of questions.

But I always answer that question like this.

“Of course, when I meet my Korean boyfriend, it’s easier to communicate and I can meet him often. But now I meet my boyfriend and live my life having a really positive impact, and I love the way I look when I meet him.”I answer.

Of course, sometimes I feel really sad, but it seems the same when I meet Korean boyfriend.

Sometimes it’s hard not to see each other because they’re long distance couples, but I think I fit in well with long distance relationships.
Since we make video calls every day and contact each other every day, of course, it is a little hard because of jet lag!

Always we are wait for the day we meet after a long time.

And when we meet, we fight a lot lol, but we get to know each other more as we fight. I think we’re such a chatty couple.

If you look at other international couples, it’s sweet and there’s always a woman going to meet, but we don’t have that.
It’s as cool and comfortable as a married couple! I think this kind of relationship gives us trust and faith!

Sometimes I talk to people who are international couples, and they are very diverse and they are very different ways of dating.
I don’t think we can generalize anything.

if you want to make a Korean boyfriend or make a boyfriend in another country, you should start with no prejudice,you can do it!

There are a lot of international couples around me so I have more to share and talk about, but I ask my friends for agreement and I will introduce the episode to you!:)

See you next time!

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