Hi! I am Bella who tells you about Korea!

Today is scary, but I will tell you again about the coronavirus that I must tell you about today!

Now, the Korean government has changed the entire cost of testing and medical treatment for the coronavirus to be covered by the health insurance, the state.

So if you have a sore symptom like cough and pneumonia, you have been to China or have contact with a Chinese If it was, I would recommend you to go to the public health center and do a corona virus test.

Currently, the confirmed death toll of the coronavirus in China has increased by 26 per day to 132

More and more deaths, more than 6,000 definite diagnosis.

Something really scary happened yesterday, In fact, I thought I just had to rest at home.Actually, I thought it had nothing to do with me.

I told you I used to work at a hotel, didn’t I?

In the hotel where I worked to go, I was contacted by a Chinese person and my acquaintance went up to check it.
Because their symptoms were similar to the corona virus and the fever was over 37.5 degrees, they called 1339 right away.
they acted according to the instructions. The Chinese tourist went around shopping in Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun, and also went to famous tourist spots. They were immediately quarantined to the hospital, and the hotel floors they stayed in were totally closed.
And the front desk staff who contacted them were isolated from their return home and the results were announced at 12 o’clock on the next day.Everyone was afraid.
But fortunately, the result wasn’t a corona virus, it was a flu, but it wasn’t just someone because someone around me was going through that.

Relatively, people who work at hotels are often exposed to illness because they often meet foreign guests.
I talk face to face, and if a guest is sick, I’m almost at the front desk
Expose too much risk. Arabs look like MERS once when I was working, and Arabs had stomach pain, vomiting and high fever.
Arabs appealed and asked me to take him to the hospital, and then the staff who worked with me helped the guests and we had to translate Symptoms of Arabs to the hospital.
So one of them was talking to the guest, i were writing also the case report because Arabs were sending it to the hospital and the night time shift situation.
Suddenly, Arabs who went to the hospital heard that the staff had to shut down the hotel because it turned out to be suspected MERS.I was so surprised to hear that the staff had to quarantine themselves, so I contacted the general manager and had a total emergency at the hotel.

It wasn’t MERS after all, but our hotel was on full alert. At that time, I felt so hard working in a hotel.

Of course, it is natural to serve the guests, but in the end, when a guest has an infectious disease or a situation like this, only the symptoms of the guests are watched.I think it’s too hard because we can’t refuse anything.

In Korea, it is very natural to be too kind to a guest. This is because Korea thinks that customers are kings.
In Korea, when a small complaint happens, it is the employee’s fault
Koreans are very afraid of bad reviews and complaints.
So there are many bad customers who use it.It must be too hard, right

Yesterday at WHO, it was announced that a new asymptomatic infection could spread.

The problem of corona virus is bigger now than in MERS.

Because there is no cure and too many deaths in China, the fear is getting bigger,
Koreans who have recently been to China and Chinese who have traveled to Korea cannot find and check every single one So, goverment just waiting for them until they finally show up.

No matter where you have traveled not only to Wuhan, but also to Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou,
There is a high risk of getting it, so don’t be too sad and call 1339 if you have any symptoms.
I want you to act according to the guidance.

Again, please refrain from traveling abroad now. It is recommended to travel comfortably in a safe state.

The third definite diagnosis went around Gangnam, Ilsan, and finally became a corona virus definite diagnosis.

we don’t know really he where went that.

Tt’s so dangerous situation

I wish you a safe trip!

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