Hi! I am Bella who will introduce the news of Korea to you!

Today, I will introduce you to how to get a house in Korea!

If you are going to live in Seoul first! You have to have a deposit!

In the case of Japan, there is a Shikikking, deposit money, and monthly rent to thank you for lending me.

In Japan, deposits are not ridiculously expensive like in Korea.

You can think that the lowest deposit in Korea is about 5 million won And to get a decent house, you need about 10 million won to get a good one.
I can save it. Of course, there are houses worth less than 5 million won, but I can’t guarantee that the facilities are good.And there’s a reason why it’s cheap.

Then, how can 10 million won paid to a college student who is just out of society?

In most cases, parents usually pay a deposit(pay parents instead.) or take out a loan from a bank.

It’s not a bank loan, it’s a government loan.

Even Koreans never understand such a high deposit.

And these days, landlords are more likely to receive lower deposit and higher monthly rent.It would be better for you to get a lot of monthly rent!

So, many Koreans often go out of Seoul to get a house because it is too expensive.

I’m included in that case. I also live in Ilsan near Seoul. Ilsan is near Seoul, so the rent is not as cheap as it is!

However, it is definitely cheaper than Seoul!

If you get a house in Seoul on a rental basis, it costs between 80 and 90 million won.

It’s too expensive, isn’t it? I think it’s ridiculous.

But I can’t help it if I want to live in Seoul. Instead, college students can apply for a dormitory if they are good at studying or are extremely long-distance.

if you get it’s very lucky to be a dormitory.

Or, they live in Gosiwon or Gositel, which is only three pyeong long, but they have little deposit, and monthly rent is about 400,000 won to 500,000 won.

But I’m very decommendation. The facility also has a toilet next to the bed, and if you lie down, you’ll be mentally ill just like lying in a coffin.

And it doesn’t soundproof so well so I can hear all the coughs.

Did I tell you about the dangerous area of Seoul that I posted before?

The rent is relatively low, but Koreans call it ‘your life price’ because it is cheap.

No matter how cheap the place is, never get a house!

But if I can tell you a relatively inexpensive place in Seoul,

The area between Seoul National University and Sillim Station, Yeonsinnae area, and Hoegi Station are relatively cheaper and the price of rent becomes lower as they move away from Seoul.

But if you go too far, it will be hard for you to commute to and from school.

I think 30 to 40 minutes away from the subway is a good place!If you take beyond one hour, your preparation time, your travel time to the subway, and the subway I think it will take more than two and a half hours to wait and ride and walk.

you’ll arrive and be physically too tired to concentrate on your classes and work, and you’ll be more and more afraid of going home.

When you play with your friends, you have to calculate the last time subway and think about the first time subway. You must be so tired, right?

My recommendation is 1.a dormitory 2.a place where the street is located within 30 to 40 minutes 3.a little cheaper but close to the outside of Seoul place.

When you are looking for a house in Korea,a house or go directly to the real estate app to see the house.

However There are also a lot of false sales, so nowadays there is a separate space for reporting false sales!

I will also attach the monthly rent around the university to you as a picture! See!

I hope you can read my article and get a good house!

I hope it helped you!

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