Hi! I am Bella who introduces Korean news!

Today, I will tell you honestly about the earthquake in Korea!

I studied abroad in Japan and grew up as a child, so I have a lot of information about Japan!

So when I lived in Japan, I experienced a lot of earthquakes, but I was very mentally stable.

Because Japan design houses for earthquake, every house is prepared for earthquake.

But what about Korea?

Korea is not an island. So we never thought there would be an earthquake.

But Korea is no longer an earthquake safety bureau. Earthquakes started a bit in the surrounding areas of Gyeongsangbuk-do, and earthquakes occurred more often in Pohang.

However, Korea was not a country that had frequent earthquakes, but was thought to be an earthquake-safety country, so when designing a house, it did not take into account earthquakes.

It’s very dangerous to have a small earthquake, because when they design a house, they don’t consider the earthquake.

Despite warning the government several times in advance in Pohang, the Korean government did not listen because it was sure that Korea was a safe country in the earthquake.

With 640 aftershocks continuing in Pohang following the 5.8-magnitude Gyeongju earthquake, the largest-ever earthquake on the Korean Peninsula since the 1978 earthquake observation.
An earthquake measuring 5.5 magnitude was hit, raising fears of an earthquake.

Since Korea does not have an earthquake design, even a small earthquake can destroy homes and cause many casualties.

Especially, Korea has many high-rise houses, so if it collapses, it can damage not only the house but also the house next door.

There are frequent earthquakes in Pohang and Gyeongju, and sometimes in Seoul or Incheon.

Pohang has been subject to frequent earthquakes these days, so there were mixed opinions on whether or not to proceed with the test on the day of the College Scholastic Ability Test in Korea.

However, the test site in Pohang postponed the test for a week in case of an before accident, conducted a safety inspection and conducted the test.

Koreans have a sense of safety frigidity now.

There are so many things happening in Korea, but Koreans are really going to be big, then they do blame the government and don’t blame their carelessness.

I’m very afraid. That’s why I always wear my own mask and
I have an earthquake preparedness at home!

I don’t know if you have it, so you should always have it ready!

Being safe in advance is not a loss.

Korea is generally safe! But Natural disaster is inevitable!

I’ll be back with more informative news next time!

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