Hi! I am Bella who introduce Korean news to you!

Today, let me introduce what Koreans think of Korea’s strengths!

Koreans never losing out on Korean pride!

we hate being ignored somewhere!
If we swear Korea all the time and other people swear at Korea hate that kk

And I also have pride in Korea! When SAMSUNG and LG products come from foreign dramas, they are captured and Koreans Share it!

And this is a bit of a historical issue, so I’m careful to say it, but the historical issues with Japan are still not resolved.
Because it was not, if the soccer game between Korea and Japan was held, all the people would hate soccer player if they really lost.

And korean hate to lose even in simple games. If it’s a bet, I’m risking own life to kill it.

And so does alcohol. I have a great fight with alcohol. I have a strange belief that a good drinker is a winner.If you drink well, korean think you’re a really man

And how much more affection my boyfriend treats me, loves me and cares about me when I meet girls I think we’re competing for who’s better had good bf.

And when the actor ‘Ma Dong-seok’ joined ‘Eternals’ in the Marvel movie, korean was so proud a Ma Dong-seok.

And when the BTS performed at Grammy Awards, BTS is really well known about Korea it’s very proud because it’s really recognized in foreign countries.

And Koreans have pride in their food, too. Personally, we think there are so many delicious foods in Korea.
So we think Korean food is the best. It’s really fun, isn’t it?

And Koreans are very proud of the delivery culture. It is inconvenient for Koreans to go abroad to study abroad.
we always said we really misses Korea whenever we can’t delivery late night foods.

And there are many restaurants that are open 24 hours a day in korea, which is very good for us. You can drink all night anywhere, and even the first train of the subway.
Play with your friends all night and we can ride the first subway to get home! Really great?

And frankly, Korea is a plastic surgery powerhouse.

There are not a lot of people who really do big surgery, but a little procedure
you think no one korean has ever done it!

You know it’s a skin treatment also a little procedure?

Korean so care see to other people eyes.But in Korea, the cost of plastic surgery and procedure is very low, so the effect is so good!

many forigner came to Korea from other foreign countries and went back to plastic surgery!

And Korea also has a pride about makeup.

China in neighboring countries tends to make makeup a little harder, while in Japan, eye makeup and cheek touch seem to It looks like their doing makeup in a central way, but it seems like you’re doing makeup naturally and skin expressions.

So when you go to foreign countries, foreigners easy find that they are Korean, Japanese, or Chinese because of the makeup method! Isn’t it amazing?

I always gave Korean menus wherever I went.

When Koreans say that they are the same age wherever they meet, they suddenly get close to each other!

Because age is very important in this country,
I feel more at heart for the person who spent the same time as me!

And Koreans are Since everyone has a little different personality,

we cannot generalize that they are the same,

There are many people who don’t like to speak in the back and they speak frankly in the front!

Koreans are very honest and we hate to lie And we share everything with my friends, and if they don’t share it,

they are very sad, so maybe more friends than me
You’ll know more.

And Koreans themselves think that the level of gag code is very high, so sometimes they ignore the gag code of other countries.

It’s like, “Is this really funny?”In fact, in other countries, korean gag may not seem that fun, but Korean think has a high laugh code

From now on, it’s not an advantage, but there’s something Korean women care about very much!

There is a prejudice in Korea that women should have one luxury item. So, most korean women wallets have luxury wallets,

When I’m in my mid-20s, I have two to three designer bags. Do we have that much money? No!

Buy it with your parents’ money, or save it.They often buy scratch it with credit card installments, or overdo it Do korean care very much about other people’s eyes? It’s not good, but Koreans are yes.

On Instagram, Koreans always post pictures that look happy. “I’m so happy right now.” Just post those moments.

we don’t show you hard times or anything like this. Because other people want me to think that I am always happy.

So we always ask my friends to pick out the prettiest pictures, post them up, and pretend to be the happiest in the world.

In a way, is it, isn’t it? we care about other people’s eyes this much? that’s really not good thing.

How do you like it? I mixed some of the shortcomings. how about think about this topic?
Is it the same as the Korean image you know?
I wonder!

I will come back with some interesting news again!

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