Hi! I am Bella who introduces you to Korean news!

Today, I want to tell you about what I heard from many foreign friends!

My foreign friends say that Korean men style so good!

Is it really true?lol

rather than the own style!Their girlfriends and people around them have created a style-conscious environment!

They care about their surroundings and if they are introduced to a woman or have a girlfriend!

You can change your clothes by the advice of your girlfriend! There’s a picture on SNS that says “BF Look.”

Just by looking at the pictures, you can see the style of clothes that Korean women want!

In Korea,’simple and clean outfit on’ these two words are very important ! And we like dandy style!

Overall, we like neat hair and style of clothes.

Because in Korea, we don’t like to dress too much or decorate himself too much.

there are many opportunities to have blind dates in Korea.

Even if a man wears only the worst clothes on a blind date, he’s eliminated.
No matter how good the man’s personality is, he’s out because of his style.

And the reason why I think Korean men care so much about style rather than in foreigner is that Foreign men just wear T-shirts and don’t care about any pants!

And Foreign men say they think cardigan it’s a dress worn by grandmothers.

How Koreans will match the color even if they wear T-shirts! And depending on what the cardigan wears inside The style changes.

In Korea, you can get clothes information easily. Even if you can’t wear clothes, you might be eliminated from the blind date!

Korean men can’t help but care even if they don’t want to!

That’s why we have ‘trainingwear jok’ in Korea! they don’t want to care clothes and There are more men who dress comfortably in their training clothes!

I think I care less about style because their comfortable and their wear brand trainingwears, but I think they also care!

Men who really like Korean men to decorate themselves are called ‘Gruming jok,’ these days.

However, these guys wear toxic makeup these days and don’t just find love because they love themselves more than women’s beauty because they don’t have enough time to care for them!

so to speak! Korean men are not naturally good in style! People around you! Girlfriend! Or they can’t.

They really need a lot of effort.

So sometimes Korean guys wore white shirts and black pants all the way around Gangnam, and all of them were teasing if they saw the same magazine!

Everyone saw the same thing and wore the same thing!
they look at the same things and care about the same things!

Of course there are men who dress well in Korea, too! I’ll tell you honestly that few people dress themselves well!

I think Men with good Style girlfriends are all winners!kk