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Today, I will introduce you to some interesting machines!

These days, Korea is very sensitive about human body temperature because of the coronavirus & flu!

You know what?

In Korea these days, everyone has to wear a mask when they go to a small internal medicine clinic.

You can see a doctor only after you take your temperature in advance and make sure you don’t have a fever! Of course, you should keep on wearing the mask!

However, it is common in other countries to measure this heat with a thermometer under your armpit or tongue!

Korea is different! This product was developed because there is a disease that can be carried by skin contact alone!

In Korea, you can take body temperature without having to touch it!

This is called a contactless thermometer/skin infrared thermometer, and the reason for this is that It’s perfect for babies who often whine and toss and turn and that we can use it comfortably when baby’s sick or asleep.

Now if the child moves or whines, we can measure the temperature without touching it.They’re all comfortable.

If you have the flu or a corona virus, we can get your temperature without skin contact!

How am we supposed to measure?

a, remove the cover that protects the sensor and turn it on.

b. If it is confirmed during operation, position the sensor portion of the thermometer in the center of the forehead. The distance between the thermometer and the forehead is 1 to 3cm.

c. Press the measurement button and wait for 1 second to wait for the measurement results.

The infrared thermometer measures the temperature of the skin surface behind the forehead or ear using an infrared sensor, not of the ear, anus, or mouth.

You need to proceed without sweat or foreign substances in your body temperature so that you can expect cleaner and accurate measurements!

A method of determining body temperature by measuring infrared rays from the skin It is hygienic because it can be measured without having to touch the skin directly. Suitable for use in group.

When using a thermometer

  • care must be taken not to touch the infrared sensor located on the product.
  • If your forehead is sweaty, it is more accurate to measure the back of your ears.

The sale price is between 60,000 won and 80,000 won!

These days, most hospitals are using this thermometer because skin contact is also dangerous because of the coronavirus and flu!

Did you know that the corona virus and flu should be tested if your body temperature is above 38 degrees?

In Korea, you can measure the temperature safely without skin contact, so feel safe and take a temperature measurement!

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