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Today, I will introduce a new cultural difference to you!

I know about in these day, but in foreign countries, women take almost pills.

foreign countries women always takes pill from the moment her period starts and her boyfriend starts sex!

Many korean think taking birth control pills is very bad for women!

There’s an image of it as a bad thing and image of a medicine to hide!

But foreign countries are so natural, of course,
the man says. “thought you were on the pill”

Of course, foreign men have the idea that they’ve been taking birth control pills!

Korean women think about birth control pills like this.

“I stopped taking pill. Taking birth control pills made me feel depressed.”

“I’m not taking pill. Later, when they want to get pregnant, they say they lower their chances of pregnancy.”

“They get fat if they take birth control pills.”

There’s a lot more of a bad image.

But I’ll tell you the truth one by one about this misunderstanding!

Q1.Can’t I take contraceptives for long time? False!

However, the hormones in pill do not weaken ovaries or reproductive functions. Simply put, just because you’ve been on pill for a long time,You don’t have to stop eating in the middle.

Q2.Does taking birth control pills cause weight gain side effects and eating? False!

There is no research showing a correlation between birth control pills and weight gain. During the first three months of taking your birth control pills and your body adapts, you can swell up and accumulate some moisture in your body. On the contrary, there are pill that diminish weight.

Q3.Pill are harmful to a woman’s body? False!

The side effects vary from person to person, but most women who take pill say they do not experience any side effects.
“All types of drugs come with instructions for possible side effects. The most commonly known side effects are depression or sensitivity.
80 to 90 percent of women who are They do not suffer any side effects and do not stop taking them.”

Q4. pill reduce acne and control hormone levels? truth!

Taking pill can reduce testosterone, which can relieve severe acne during puberty.
Many dermatologists recommend taking birth control pills to maintain a consistent hormone level and maximize skin care.

Q5. If you take pill for a long time, it’s hard to get pregnant? False!

pill work by stopping ovulation and natural hormone production in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
The physiology of pill is artificial because the ovaries are closed or resting. However, no matter how long you take the pill, the natural cycle of ovulation comes back to normal when you stop taking it pill do not eliminate or reduce fertility.
If you’re having trouble getting pregnant after you stop taking them, there’s more to it than there’s a birth control pill.

Q6.Does pill affect mood swings? False!

Patients who take birth control pills subjectively explain whether they are more depressed or excited or whether there is a difference before taking them.
But do they also consider other external factors that affect mood? It’s not fair to blame everything on hormone therapy.
Of course we can’t completely rule out the effects, but we can’t prove that pill affect mood.
Ideally, if you want to see the effects of pill, make sure there is nothing wrong with them.
Side effects vary from person to person, and there are multiple factors involved.

Source: http://www.vogue.co.kr/2019/11/25/%ed%94%bc%ec%9e%84%ec%95%bd%ec%97%90-%eb%8c%80%ed%95%9c-%ec%a7%84%ec%8b%a4%ea%b3%bc-%ea%b1%b0%ec%a7%93/?utm_source=naver&utm_medium=partnership

Koreans often hide the fact that they are still taking pill or misunderstand that they are taking contraceptives for really strange reasons!

In other countries, taking pill is a more natural way to prevent abortion and to love more freely.

I think she’s taking it to protect herself as a woman.

However, Korea is have misinformation that it is not good for health, and sometimes forced to marry because of wrong pregnancy.

I’ve taken pill in Korea because my period is not right, but I’ve never known that pill are taken so naturally in a foreign countries.

It is still a shameful sex culture in Korea, so if foreigners want contraceptives or try to get a lot of prescriptions in Korea, they can be misunderstood

I’ll tell you in advance! Korea is still too conservative! Although we pretends to be free on the outside, Korea still hasn’t abandoned its Joseon-era mentality!🙁

What do you think? It’s too much different, right?

There are so many other things like this!

Next time, I will introduce a new cultural difference to you!

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