Hello! I am Bella who introduces you to Korean news!

Today, I will introduce you to a magic powder that only people know in Korea!🙂

These days, because of people with genetic hair loss and people with hair loss due to acquired stress

There’s also a lot of hair loss prevention shampoo coming out! That’s how much people think about their appearance because of their hairstyle.

Because everyone knows it’s so different! I’d like to have a variety of hairstyles! but they can’t!

If you always have to cover it with a hat! You must be very sad, right?

Do you happen to know the broadcast program ‘I live Alone’ in Korea?

It is a very popular broadcasting program in Korea, but a long time ago, an MC called Jeon Hyun Moo on the outside, he had a lot of chest hair and hair on the chest all over her body, so he didn’t have any hair loss problems at all! but he have secret that is get his hair loss!

And he went to a traditional Korean market and bought a powder called ‘Green flesh black bean powder’!

Foreigners can just think of it as black bean powder! There’s a difference between Green flesh black bean powder and black bean powder!

It is true that both are good for the scalp, but Green flesh black beanis famous for its really good effect.

Also making cosmetics out of the Green flesh black bean powder!

What is Green flesh black bean(Seoritae)?

The skin is black but blue inside, so it is also called Sokcheong. because the crops are growing longer.

It was named Seoritae(Green flesh black bean) because it was only harvested after frost in October.

It is rich in anthocyanin, which is good for preventing aging and acts as an antibacterial, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory. It is rich in protein and vegetable fat, such as vitamin B1, lecithin and isoflavones, which are necessary for the body’s metabolic activities.

It helps the blood circulation of the scalp and helps prevent hair loss.

Seoritae is used mainly for mixed grain rice. They also make bean cakes or black bean curd.

Use it as a sunsik or as a soup with bean noodles.

It is also fermented and makes and eats cheonggukjang.

If you go to Gyeongdong Market in Korea, you can grind it and get the frosting powder right away!

Of course, they sell a lot on the Internet.But I bought it at the market directly because content is slightly different in the Internet because it was a powder that was ground with 100% Green flesh black bean.
I think it will be healthier!

I recommend you mix and drink milk because you don’t eat as much rice as you do in Korea!

And this is a tip only Koreans know!

Don’t grind only Seoritae powder, combine black sesame powder and get powdered together. It tastes much better and has a much better effect.

Koreans Only Know! 🙂

So grind the Seoritae and black sesame together and drink them together!

If you have a problem with hair loss, why don’t you visit Gyeongdong Market and buy this magic powder when you come to Korea?

It is sold by K-MART in foreign countries, but its contents are totally different!

And because there are a little differences between foreign and domestic products! It’s a great way to get it from your korean friend!

I taught you Top Secret today! I hope it will help you!

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