Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I will tell you a story about a fun relationship!

In Korea, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?Or do you want to go out with me?

If you suddenly get a touch without saying, you could get slapped!

Koreans don’t want to suddenly become lovers without clear lines!

When we hear from foreign friends, we hang out together, spend a lot time, and at some point we are relationship! It’s the same feeling!

No matter how much time we spent and hung out in Korea, we never If you don’t say the two sentences up there,It’s not more!

Many women accept that not saying that means he don’t want to be responsible for our relationship.

And many women think, ‘Are you just enjoy with me?’

So Korean women always wait for when man will confess to me .

You must be really tired, right?

I told you that blind date culture is active in Korea!

There’s a rule we didn’t tell about in the blind date culture!

If we meet more than three times,We just have to decide whether to finish it or not! If we meet more than three times and continue to be the same situation, the woman will have a strange idea.

‘Why doesn’t this guy just keep seeing each other and not telling me to go out with him?’

Some days, women can ask you suddenly.

“What is it between us? Lover or friend??” So I saw a lot of embarrassed foreign men!

I thought he was already dating! Korean women are forced to ask this question because they have yet to receive confession!

The men already thought we were dating! But Korean women haven’t received a confession yet.

Why is Korea so obsessed with saying confession?

Because we want to the line clearly.
If we start skinship suddenly without saying anything,Maybe we’re lovers Or are we just friends?
Are you sure we’re not going to tell us exactly what we’re doing??
She will be nervous.

Because she want to know how much you have in mind for her.

You may find it a little troublesome, but if you want to date a Korean woman, prepare yourself for this confession that you must make some day!

This is TMI! 🙂

My French boyfriend also told me that he never thought he would say this in his life when he confessed to me(Will you be my girlfriend?)!:)

But I have to do it because I am a Korean girlfriend!

If you want to go out with Koreans, make sure you know this culture!

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