Hello! I am Bella who introduces you to Korean news!

Today, I will introduce you to a strange oldmother who you have been curious about!

If you have ever visited Myeong-dong, There are you might be an strange oldmother who suddenly sings with a strange big panel in the middle of i’m sure you’ve seen your oldfather

Who did you think they were?

I’m very shame but I think I should introduce them to you.

There are many people who believe in various religions in Korea.

Currently, religion in Korea says that 43.9 percent of the total population has religion, based on statistics from the 2015 Census of Population and Housing.

Among the three major religions in Korea, Buddhism accounts for 15.5 percent of the total population, 19.7 percent for Protestants and 7.9 percent for Catholics.

Perhaps the latest religious rate has changed a lot, but it is true that Protestantism is high in these day.

But do you know the word ‘saibi(cult)’ in Korea?

It’s a term referring to the wrong people who believe in an cult God. The dictionary word saibi(cult) means ‘similar to outside, but totally different inside.’

There are so many cults in Korea. they believe in the wrong God.

So the cult organizations started small, and then they told them they were going to cheat people into their groups, and they make going to grow up and They’ve become bigger and bigger.

cult groups hate to call themselves cult organizations. They don’t even recognize that they believe in the wrong God.

So once you fall into a cult group, you can never come out.

There are so many of these cult groups in Korea that they are asking for extra caution.

Because at first, they approached them as if they were Protestants, pretended to be close friends for about a month, and then they wanted to be in full swing in their religion.All sorts of tricks and acted.

If you want to know about Korean cults, you will get used to understanding cults if you watch the Korean drama ‘Save Me’ aired on OCN.

So, I sometimes see one of the articles in Korea in which a church minister committed sexual assault or incite.

It was definitely a pseudo-religious act disguised as Protestantism.

There is a saying that the religious sect leader makes his own Bible, often extorting money from people he trusts and sexually harassing them.

You have to be very careful.

So what I’m saying is that the person promoting in Myeong-dong is really an honest Protestant?

Not really. Where there’s faith, people come, they don’t ask people to come.

If you see them, I recommend that they just ignore and do not answer when they talk to you.

They are already so deep in their own thoughts that there are a lot of crazy people there.

Be careful not to ruin your trip to Korea!

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