Hi! I am Bella who introduces you to Korean news!

It’s a very cold winter now! So if you use the wrong lipstick!

we can’t keep my moist lips! we makeup is so cold that my foundation dried up quickly.

These days, Korean women really prefer to wear makeup naturally because it’s hard to express their pretty skin!

There are a lot of lip balms that are naturally toned up and your lips look naturally moisturized rather than too intense!

Just moisturize! Because the original lips do not have color, people can look really sick!

It’s lip balm, but naturally reddish products are popular!

So, let me introduce you to which lip balm Korean women use!

1.Dior Addict Lip glow

3.5g / ₩44,000

This product is lip gloss, which is naturally red according to the temperature of the human lips!

This is highly recommended for women who are very moist and have a lot of dead skin on their lips!

It’s easy to apply like a lip balm! No matter how much you apply it, it doesn’t get strong reddish, it keeps its natural color.

It is really popular with Koreans, and it is so popular in Korea that many inexpensive products are also being released!

2.Clinique Chubby Stick / 3g / ₩27,000

This product is also very famous for its natural lip color expression, moisturizing and not easily erased!

It looks like crayons and has a lot of capacity, but the price is also half the price of Dior.

It’s a big buy! The colors are different and I think it would be fun to buy them according to that color.

3.Benefit Cha Cha LIP Balm

3g / ₩24,000

I’m using Cha Cha Tint, but I’m going to buy some Cha Cha LIP Bam! You don’t have to put on makeup, you can put it on.

It’s a very natural color, and anywhere you put it on, you can create a pure image that doesn’t feel awkward!

This product seems to focus more on color than moisturizing. The colors are so natural and pretty that you will fall in love with them!

4.Isoi Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment LIP Balm

5g / ₩19,800

I found this product when my lips became so dry that and looking for products that I could apply in an inflamed wind!

It is a brand that uses really good ingredients and I heard that IU was famous for being an advertising model before that!

This product is naturally colored like Dior, and its advantage is that it can be applied to inflamed lips.

Good product ingredients are great, high capacity and low price!

5.Mentholatum Lip ice

2g / ₩5,400

Really! There is no money, but lip color is important and moisturizing is important! If you think, I recommend this product!

Many Olive Young and LOHB’s in Korea often have 1+1 event, and although it persistency a little bit!

But you can still get natural lip colors and moisturizers at a low price!

How about the natural coloring chestnuts that Korean women use by Korean women?

Is it the same as the ones used in your country?

Since it is winter, moisturizing is really important!

I personally recommend Isoi products!

I think it’s very good to make it a good ingredient with natural ingredients!

I hope my cosmetics introduction will help you!

I will come with more interesting news next time!

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