Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I want to introduce Korean movie culture to you!

Have you ever seen a movie in Korea?

There are also many interesting movie theaters in Korea these days, too!

A place where you can lie down and watch movies comfortably, and a theaters for children only.

But there is something more interesting about Korean movie theaters than these!

When I was working in a hotel, a Japanese customer told me that he wanted to see a movie with Song Joong Ki in it.

I thought, ‘How can you see a movie to understand Korean?’

After watching a movie that was first released in Korea, she would return to Japan and watch a movie with Japanese subtitles again. I thought it was amazing.

But I heard that Korean movie culture is special! What’s different?


1.In Korea, the movie starts 10 minutes after the start time.

2.Korea has an overwhelming number of commercial ads rather than movie ads.

Because I have never seen a movie in a foreign country

I never thought these two things were different!

1.Why does Korea start the movie 10 minutes late?

I think it can tell you about the Korean culture.

Maybe there’s someone who’s a little late, or their’s a distraction.

We gave 10 minutes to each other to give them a little time.

But lazy Koreans know that they start this late 10 minutes, and they come here in time for this late hour.

There are many lazy Koreans, too! Many people feel consideration as a right!

2.Why does Korea do so many commercial advertisements instead of just promoting movies?

That’s because when you go to a movie theater, you get the most attention on the screen, so there’s a lot of companies that use it to do commercial advertising.

The sponsor company Cinema often promotes other commercial products within the conglomerate.

So the movie that the conglomerate distributes is promoted, but
Because they have a lot of merchandise, many of them also advertise in cinemas.Some of the commercials that are coming out aren’t for TV commercials.

So you can see a lot of funny Cinema-only ads!

TV shoots advertisements in different versions, and cinema-only advertisements are shot separately.

So you can see many fun movie ads, too!

I saw a Western movie in the movie theater with my French boyfriend. I was comfortable with Korean subtitles,

My boyfriend is good at English, but I had an interesting experience because actors spoke a lot of slang in the movie!

These days, even if you don’t understand, you often go to see your star in the movie first!

Why don’t you try watching a movie in Korea, too?

Next time, I will tell you some interesting news again!

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