Hi! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you.

Today is a little sad, but… Let me introduce you to a song that Korean men sing for their girlfriend who broke up after parting!

I think many Korean men will sympathize!

Of course, couples who are really tired and separated can’t agree!

Sad or not, couples who broke up because of their stories saw many men singing this song in karaoke while crying!

Now let 5 sad songs introduce you!

1.Jong Shin Yoon(윤종신)_Like it(좋니)


This song is a song that helped a singer named Yoon Jong Shin win No. 1 in a long time, and the heart of his ex-boyfriend who was really sick.

It’s contained, so many men are singing! And this song has a lot of high notes! You know, men are so frustrated with what they’re doing.

I often sing with my chest in this song!

Especially the lyrics!

You like him? honestly it’s so tough for me
i hope you get pains more than before a little bit just like 10% of mine
i hote your heart breaks but not for a long time

The lyrics are too honest, aren’t they sad?

To a woman who already has other love ‘
Is it okay if you don’t have me?’ It’s a song asking! So many men sing!

2.IZI – Emergency Room (응급실)

source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zty3KRJQAcw Jeremy LJY – Movie OST

This song is really old, but it’s a song that many men really love!

I’ve never seen a man who doesn’t sing this song!

It was the OST of the drama, but the song itself was so popular that I sang the song. The lyrics are so sad too!

It’s not just someone who’s separated, but many men just sing!

Especially the lyrics!

hey baboya,that’s not for real,you still don’t know me?
there’s no one but me who can have your love,so please don’t leave me

Men sing the lyrics with their hearts in it. Even if it’s not my ex-girlfriend, I sing it for the girl I used to date!

3.10cm (십센치) – Stalker (스토커)

source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXZKZv4Se-s Tiya Cintya

This song sings a lot of brokeup guys but also a lot of unrequited men!

It’s a song that always goes up in the top of the music charts at dawn!

Especially at 2 a.m. when it’s emotional. Many people think of someone who misses or loves someone else.

I think we listen to it a lot at that time!

In the lyrics of this song

i love you this much,i want you this much
but i cant do anything,i can only look
but do i make you that uncomfortable? am i the bad one?
but tomorrow,shw will just show her back to me again

The lyrics are very sad, but they are realistic

I often sing in karaoke, too!

4.Hug Me (안아줘) – Jung Joon Il (정준일)

suorce:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ogyHesy5fI #119

This song is too comfortable for men to sing and it is famous

And in one broadcast, BTB’s Sungjae sang this song, and ended his virtual marriage so this song became more famous!I like the singer’s voice so much that I recommend you listen to the original song!

In the lyrics of this song

Please stay by my side,stay with me,Dont let go of me, who is holding your hand.
if you take one step further away from me i’ll just take one step closer towards you

The lyrics are so sad It is really sweet but sad to hear with the voice of the original singer!

5.그녀를 사랑해줘요(Please Love Her)- 하동균 (Ha Dong Kyun)

source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0YQOe6YBQM 적통

This song is very old, but it is still loved by many men!

This song asks another man for a woman who doesn’t love me!

Isn’t it sad because I can’t love you and ask other men to do it?

In the lyrics of this song

please love her, please love her the girl who i love
the girl who you have right now that i couldt have
please dont even think about hurting her

Would you be so sad if you really asked someone love to her?

It’s a song that brokeup men tell their next boyfriend!

How do you like it? What about Korean breakup songs? If you go to a karaoke bar in Korea, you can easily find that men are singing this song!

Just because all men sing this song, you shouldn’t think all brokeup guys!

Maybe it’s just singing!!lol

Next time, I will introduce a lot of songs that Koreans listen to!

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