Hello! I am Bella who will introduce Korea to you!

The part that I will introduce to you today is that it is a personal colors!🙂

Korean women buy cosmetics when they don’t know anything at first.

I just bought anything that you think you’re pretty and put on your lips,

but your friend said your lip color doesn’t look good to your face.

You think you don’t go with your face,

Suddenly you put on some lipstick, but the people around you say that it looks good on you today and goes gorgeous!

As I become a college student and become more interested in
cosmetics, I find that it is called personal color.

The personal color is!

Personal color that makes you look lively and energetic in harmony with your body color.

Personal color looks lively and energetic when in harmony with body color, but if it doesn’t fit,

The skin looks rough, and the transparency disappears, revealing only the defects.

Therefore, knowing one’s body color is an effective way to manage one’s image. In the United States, Japan, Europe, and so on, there are four seasons in the world.

They are using a metaphor to classify body colors. In other words, using colors shown in images of spring, summer, fall, and winter,

Produce personalized images.


Raise your hand one by one on the monitor. Find more color for your skin.
Left Cool Tone Right Warm Tone (source:modelo16)

In my case, I just bought a lipstick that is popular and applied it on my face.

That day my face looks more orange today! my friend told me and I was shocked!

And I have completed the personal color class in college and I can found my personal color is winter cool tone.

So I was going to buy cosmetics according to the personal color.

Because there aren’t many winter cool tone people in Korea! It wasn’t easy to buy cosmetics!

So I often buy cosmetics from Japan! And buy cool tone cosmetics in foreign countries.

There are many blogs among Koreans that share cosmetics that look good on cool tone, so I’m holding it back a lot!

Personal Color can self-diagnose by itself even if you don’t have to go to the Personal Color Finder company!

It is divided into four seasons and spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Spring type is bright brown and vivid and light color goes well together!

Summer type is cool and bright pastel color goes well together!

The autumn type looks good with wine and warm dark brown!

The winter type looks good with blue and gray primaries!


I think all the cosmetics in your house will change depending on your personal color!

Eye shadow and lip color! Even the color of the cheek

You’re going to have to figure it out by self-diagnosis. I hope I can find the right cosmetics for you!

I hope it will help you!

Then, I will come back with some interesting news again!

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