Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I will tell you about the word Flex!, which is the most used and popular word in 2020 in Korea!

It is a popular word in many entertainment shows and dramas! Because it is often used in everyday life!

If you know, you will be able to understand the conversations Koreans have!

In a dictionary sense, flex means ‘to flex your fingers / feet / legs’. registered in an English dictionary, as a noun.

The origin of Flex is said to have been popular among American hip-hop artists in the 1990s!

In 1992, the American rapper IceCube first became known by using the word flex in the lyrics of

` Down for Wat Ever ‘

Since then, that has often appeared in hip-hop lyrics and used them in everyday terms!

In other words, it is used in a rather positive sense not as a boast of a negative feeling, but as a boast certifying their proud success as a self-made man!

The word “flex” became popular in Korea

Because a rapper named YUMDDA said this word while doing a rap on the air when a Korean rapper named YUMDDA appeared on a show called “Show Me the Money 8.”

I heard that using the word “flesh did it. What” started the trend in Korea!

Of course, the showme the money 8 program is popular in Korea,

but why did the term of the word ‘flex in 1990s suddenly become famous?

It started with spending for oneself, yearning for the self-made, and so on,

so it’s not modest to boast before If you felt arrogant, you would be proud,

and now you would be satisfied with your success.

It’s changing to the concept of certifying, so it’s starting to get more trendy!!

How do we often use it in korea?

“I flexed at the department store” “I’ve done a luxury bag flex!”

You can use it in words or words! In Korea, I thought it was polite to be modest.But times are changing now.

Of course, you can say if you want to use really boast of your own money, but in the future, you more better can use a lot to reward yourself for achievements made by your ability!

What do you think? A new Korean buzzword!

The use of the term flex Do you think it was too late?

See you next time!

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