Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I will introduce Korean padding!

The reason we wear padding is because Korea is so cold in winter and people hate to feel cold.

In Korea, children, adults and seniors all wear many down jacket or padded jacket called padding!

Long padding is also popular because your legs can be cold!

In Korea, teenagers also enjoy wearing padding, which is worn only when they go hiking in the winter mountain!

This is because no matter how look it is in Korea, people think their warmth is more important than wearing a coat!

And the cold in Korea is really cold! When it gets really cold, it goes down to minus 20 degrees!

Since Korea has four seasons, I think the winter that comes after the hot summer feels colder!

Foreigners look at this and call it gimbap coats by people a little interested in Korea!

It looks like a rolled-up gimbap!lol

If they are a Korean who cares about style, wear light padding inside and a coat on top of it.

In Korea, winter coats are the lining is thicker, and the autumn coats are very different!

I heard that no matter how cold it is in a foreign country, I only wear a coat. Is it true?🙂

If Korean padding is taken to a foreign country, foreigners will not understand why to wear.

I don’t think it’s stylish at all, and I don’t even think it’s a mountain climber, so why are you being so special?

But there are many fashion items in Korea that dress according to padding and fit into padding!

And I think it’s from when I was a teenager! As you know, Korea has a strong passion for education.

I always have to go to the academy and study after school, and that time is very late at night! in low temperature because it’s time to fall!

Mothers are worried about their children, and if they catch a cold, they’ll have trouble studying.

Or maybe I’ll fall behind in class if I get weak.

I thought about health and my thoughts about studying together, so I feel like I’m looking for padding when I’m cold even when I’m a grown-up.

Korea has rough padding and stylish padding, too! So, foreign jumper companies are making for only Koreans.

They even develop padding! When I saw it, I thought Korean was very care!

What do you think?

If you come to Korea, will you wear padding like Korea in winter?

Or can you wear padding on cold winter days in your country?

I’m very curious!

I will come back with more interesting news again!

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