Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today i introduce when you catch a cold in Korea and when you have an upset stomach I want to tell you how Koreans cope!

It’s a little special because it’s only koreans cope!

Koreans First If you catch a cold! You need to drink it!Say ssanghwatang!

You can get it easily at convenience stores, too!

What Is a ssanghwatang?

Many Koreans still mistake Ssanghwatang as a cold medicine!

Ssanghwatang means harmonizing yang and yang in pairs, and mixed 9 kinds of herbal medicines, Count, Sukji Hwang, Donkey, Hwanggi, Cheongung, Cinnamon, Licorice, Jujube, Ginger!

In the Donguibogam, written by Heo Jun in the past, I found a document referring to Ssanghwatang.

The book says,

‘When the spirit and energy are exhausted, when the chi and blood are all damaged, after sex, when you are overworked,When you’re having sex after you’ve been overworked,

you treat symptoms such as having a big bowel and losing your strength and sweating on your own.’ It says!

People think it is a cold medicine because they drink Ssanghwatang a lot when they catch a cold.

Strictly speaking, it’s not a cold medicine cure! It’s just right to see it as a ‘medicine’ that reinforces the weakened flag and blood!

And Korea is drink a lot of ginger tea when you have a cold!

Many people say ginger is good for colds!

And when you have an upset stomach!

When you have an upset stomach in Korea! There are many people living alone now, so it is not easy to see the plum extract at home in the refrigerator!

When i go to the main house where korean mom and dad are, there is always a plum extract at home!

When you have an upset stomach, you drink mix plum extract and water.

If you drink it warm, you will feel more better. Many people drink plum tea!

You can get a plum car at a convenience store, too!

It’s not a medicine at all because it actually helps your health!

How do you like it? When you have a cold with Korea and a foreign country, Is the act similar?

I heard that when you catch a cold in a foreign country, you drink a wine called Mulled Wine!

I think it is similar principle to Korea!

For international students studying in Korea, please refer to this information!

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