Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I will introduce hand cream to protect my hands on a cold winter day!

I will explain mainly the products I have used!

My skin used to be oily, but now I’m on acne medication, so my skin is very dry!

So my hands are so dry that sometimes my psoriasis comes up!

So I have tried so many hand cream, but I will recommend my best!

First of all, the products that Koreans use a lot.

1.Camill hand cream 6,200 won

German hand cream brand Camille is considered the most favored hand cream by flight attendants and beauty bloggers.

Chamomile extracts and bisabolololins make your hands smooth and moist.

Light-protect filters protect your hands from ultraviolet rays.

Many people say that Korean people use a lot of hand cream and the price is very good!

I tried it, but it was too light for me to moisturize!

2.The Body Shop moringga hand cream 30ml, 6,300won

Moringa’s scent is so good that Korean girls use it a lot!

I personally felt better than Camille!

After applying it is recommended because there is also a body mist effect!

3.Loccitane shea butter Hand Cream 30ml 14,000won

The price is really bad, but I love it. I was given a gift to use.

When you apply it at first, it feels sticky and moisturizes well! And after you apply it, you don’t get sticky!

I really recommend it to you!!When my hands are really dry, apply lots of hand cream in the morning, lunch, and dinner.

Then the psoriasis disappears!

or In Korea, we use a lot of light hand cream that If we buy cosmetics, they give hand cream

If it’s really dry, I’ll recommend Loccitane products!!

I hope this information is helpful to you!

Take good care of your cold winter hands!!

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